Companies are scared of IP innovation

Adam was going to write about how publishers were scared of innovation. But then something hit him. They aren’t fully afraid of it, they are merely afraid of new IP’s. Constantly rebooting IP’s has become common practice in the industry. For the life of me I can’t figure out why. All of these new reboots have new mechanics and pretty much new characters, so why not make new IPs? I mean for example instead of making Assassins Creed IV there could have been a fantastic pirate game. It was unanimously agreed that the pirate sailing and raiding aspect of the game was the best part of it and that the assassin part took a back seat. So why did Ubisoft do this? Because they are scared of IP innovation. Admittedly when they did innovate with a new IP it was a bit of a mediocre game but that was because of again the mechanics.

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DarkOcelet2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

With the right marketing a new ip can shine in the spotlight just like watch dogs , its a new ip but an average game and sold very well . They should really hire those marketing team at Ubisoft , they know how to hype a game . Or when a game is extremely good and their developers have a good track record like the last of us , its a new ip but sold over 7million copies and that is excellent .

3-4-52483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )


* Don't spend $200 million on 1 IP.

Spend $50 Million EACH on 4 different IP's and one should succeed and from there you can expand.

* This allows you to experiment with tons of ideas, without fear of complete failure financially.

DarkOcelet2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

You are absolutely right. Heavy rain budget was 52 million dollars and got 130 million dollars and the witcher 2 budget was 10 million dollars and sold 2 million copies so they both made a profit , the problem is nowadays companies want their game to make a billion dollar or become the next call of duty and they will lose alot of money if they keep thinking like that. Its funny that the witcher 3 budget is 40 millions and looks way better than alot of those current gen games .

Roccetarius2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I doubt Witcher 3 will run up in the 40 millions, but more like 30 as the most. We won't know unless they go public about it, just like they did with Witcher 2.

Anyways, they seem to know how to manage their money. These larger companies like Unisoft, EA, Capcom and more will try to catch everyone in a single net. They do all kinds of 'market research', but then they forget to create a game that catches people's interest.

Nowadays, when people hear Microtransactions for a full priced game, that's a lost sale right there.

GarrusVakarian2484d ago

No, they're scared of not making enough/losing money. Lack of IP innovation is due to that.

Play it safe, appeal to the majority = higher profit margins and more room for success.

The AC series is a textbook example of this.

ABizzel12484d ago

This all the way.

The sad part is that innovation doesn't have to completely change an IP. The core gameplay mechanics are more than likely going to stay pretty similar throughout each iteration of a game, but it's what you add to the gameplay (something as small as double jumping in shooters, or as big as naval combat), what you do to improve the world / lore of the game (a great story and experience makes great games even more memorable) that can make a tired franchise refreshing again.

This is pretty much what happened to Tomb Raider. A better world, a more defined Lara, and improved gameplay turned a classic but tired franchises into a contender for best Action Adventure game.

It doesn't always take a New IP, although that is an easy way for complete innovation, and a chance to revolutionize the industry and a genre, thus profits.

700p2483d ago

Then also its hard to innovate when so much has been done in videogames. Most games copy one another in a certain way. Some companies just hide it more.

jdiggitty2483d ago

They have a responsibility to shareholders and/or investors. Plus those established IPs have value in themselves. They're trademarked, copyrighted, protected because they have worth. I don't think this guy thinks about business at all.

The author seems to single out Ubi but yet they'll have Watchdogs, the Division, and the Crew out within 6 months (maybe?).

ShaunCameron2483d ago

Companies are not scared of new IP's. New IPs are made all the time. The reality is that only a handful of new IP's will succeed while the rest will fail regardless of how much innovation they supposedly bring to the table.

Roccetarius2483d ago

A lot of ideas may sound great, but when executed it's terrible inside the game. Those terrible ideas can instantly turn off players, if they see it in action before release.

I don't have a list in my head, but i've been guilty of that myself.