Game Breaking Issues Evident in the PS4 Release of The Golf Club

Massive pauses make the game unplayable. Video included.

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nicksetzer12484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Well, I believe they did say that "xbox one felt more comfortable" at 720p, and never mentioned the PS4 game. Maybe a push for 1080p (not sure what res ended up at for ps4) from Sony just wasn't a good idea. Small team making an editable world with lots of physics based objects (collision, wind effects, etc) made by a small team who clearly stretched themselves to thin.

Even the xbox one version is no speed demon, but playing the PS4 version, well, it's slow. Honestly, as I said though, I truly believe it has little to do with the consoles power, and more to do with time and resources on the devs behalf. Also, may I add, I have way less than 150 friends and it still occurs pretty badly.

Axios22484d ago

The developers did previously report that there is a lot going on in this game.

rdgneoz32483d ago

"Update. Their twitter reached out to me. The glitch only happens if you have 150 or more friends and a fix is "imminent."

Doesn't seem like it's the "push" for 1080p. Only one console has forced devs to try to hit that even if it sacrifices frame rate.

FriedGoat2483d ago

First rule of Golf Club, You don't talk about Golf Club.

Delive2483d ago

I bought it and feel I dramatically overpaid. With the frame rate stuttering during shots making it unnecessarily challenging alone, this should have been priced more along the lines of other indie titles. $15 to $20 max. At $35, I expect patches and updates to make this worth the price. I have not bought ea golf since the 2012 version, but at the price and performance of the golf club, I'm thinking of going back to ea.

3-4-52483d ago

They released this game WAY too soon. The concept is awesome though.

WeAreLegion2483d ago

That's...odd. They had the PS4 version at e3 and it was running so smoothly. Strange that the full version is having issues.

OOMagnum2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

What I dont understand is why this bug is always prevelant with Sony consoles. This glitch happened numerous times on the PS3 also. Can someone explain?

slasaru012483d ago

Bad network API and capabilities. That's it

OOMagnum2483d ago

Disagree with facts lmao.

cfc832483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

General opinion is that the ps4 version is a good bit better. However some ps4 players experiences are better than other ps4 players at the moment, as the game only launched yesterday. Patch due.

Rockefellow2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Sony denied this game's original certification because of bugs like this, yet everyone whined about it and said Sony was at fault since it passed Microsoft and Steam's certs. Sony doesn't delay things to piss off consumers; it's to protect their investments, to make sure they're not buying a faulty product.

It's too bad the devs couldn't do a better job and get the game out when it was ready instead of rushing it into a bug-riddled mess.

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