How Itzy Interactive manages the challenges of being an independent video game creator

In the mobile game app market, praise doesn’t get better than the kudos gave Vex Puzzles, the latest from Edmonton developer Itzy Interactive. The industry blog raved about everything from the game’s look to its ability to hook.

“Overall, this is a perfect mobile game,” said iphonecanada’s video editor following the game’s spring release. “It’s perfect if you just want to pass a few minutes or if you want to sit down and have a little longer gaming session. Even better, it’s not a mindless button-masher. The game makes you think your moves through.”

This is in addition to a Digital Alberta Award for best mobile entertainment app received in July. Yet sales have not reflected the acclaim, says Itzy Interactive co-founder and lead developer Kyle Kulyk. Once considered a viable entry point to indie videogame making, he’s found the mobile app market tough to crack.

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