Deep Silver Has A Secret Title For PAX Prime, Will Show Gameplay From Volition's Next Project

Deep Silver has just informed us about its PAX Prime plans. According to the publisher, the first gameplay footage for Volition’s next project will be revealed at the end of its Friday PAX Prime Volition Quiz Show.

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nicksetzer12485d ago

Please be saints row!! If it is I hope it's like 2 and 3, not 4.

DarkOcelet2485d ago

Red faction , Saints row could use a break , its been a while since we saw anything about Red faction .

AngelicIceDiamond2485d ago

@Dark Red Faction is over with the last we heard.

Now Deep Silver could re-do it and bring it to new heights.

Depends on what DS wants to do.

ABizzel12485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Saint's Row needs a break (although I agree on it needing to be more like 2 and 3), and Red Faction is all but dead as AID pointed out.

I'm hoping for something completely new. It's a new gen, time for new properties. The last game they made was Saint's Row 4, but that was SR3 DLC that ended up taking a life of its own. Prior to that was SR3 and RF:A back in 2011.

So they had to have some ideas back then, and even if THQ made them scrap everything during the auction they've been under Deep Silver since January 2013, meaning it'll be almost 2 years (2015 launch for their game).

It's possible they're finally releasing InSane with Del Toro the financially safe bet is more than likely Saint's Row 5, but I'm hoping for a New IP.

At worse it could be a Saint's Row collection on PS4 and XBO. Now this is one collection I can pass on.

OtakuDome2485d ago

Red Faction is owned by Nordic Games now.

bmf73642485d ago

Deep Silver should do a New IP with Volition. I wouldn't go for something over the top satirical like Saints Row was, but something fresh that lets you know this is Volition's work.

cannon88002485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I really hope it's red faction. They need to resurrect the Geo Mod Engine and make it shine with these console APU's. More destruction everyone?

Edit. Nordic Games owns it now? Well I hope they make a Red Faction game because it's been a while! lol

aliengmr2484d ago


While that may still be true, that was THQ saying that prior to closing. In that context it makes sense to drop it.

Things have changed and the IP is still viable.

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700p2484d ago

I have a feeling its a new saints row.

New-Breed2485d ago

"Saints Row 4 anyone?"

Hmm. I would be really surprised to find out that Volition's new project is their game from last year. Unless... the game is getting the super popular remaster treatment for next-gen. *shudders*

Joking aside, I'm looking forward to what Volition has planned next.

jay22484d ago

sr 5 was already confirmed to be in developnent so its sr5

Mikefizzled2484d ago

I would genuinely not be surprised if its a fourth Dead Island game in development along with Escape from Dead Island, Dead Island 2 and Dead Island: Epidemic.

theshredded2484d ago

Volition are awesome Saints Row and The Punisher are one of my favorite games

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