Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Detailed: Separate From Story, You Can Play It Solo

Dragon Age: Inquisition will have coop multiplayer, although you can play it solo technically if you want. More details inside.

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-Foxtrot2494d ago

This is not really a game which needed it, I think if someone was going to buy Dragon Age it would be for the fun, well crafted single player it offers.

I can't imagine anyone right now going

"GEE WHIZ a co-op dungeon crawler element in Dragon Age 3, I wasn't going to get this but now I am, just for that"

Despite what he says (he's not going tell the truth is he) it does take resources away from the game...just like Mass Effect 3s multiplayer did and that was pretty bad, it was so repetitive. I would of wanted a better written ending or even the unfinished Omega DLC to be part of the game.

On the bright side at least if people moan on about these features which should be in something single player driven like Elder Scrolls they can be diverted to this instead. We need to keep one or two games single player focused.

DarkOcelet2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I swear they keep wasting these resources when they could have made more single player content . It didnt need a goddamn multiplayer . Dead space didnt need it , Mass effect didnt need it . Do we really have to get multiplayer in everything now ?

kaiserfranz2494d ago

It doesn't quite work like that. This content is different from the single player, it's light on the story and heavy on action. Plus the SP will already have 150+ hours of content... At least now whomever wants to play it friends, will be able to do so.

dcj05242494d ago

Nah it's fine. CO-op is fun and I'd want this content CO-op or not.

DanielGearSolid2494d ago

You can play it solo, OR not play it at all...

I don't understand why you'd be against this.... Maybe you THINK it negatively affective the SP. BUT you haven't even played it yet sooooo...

Volkama2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

It won't necessarily get more fans interested in buying the game, but they will hope it gets some extended revenue from the existing fans. The multiplayer is almost certainly monetised in some way.

The article says there will be new heroes and such as free DLC, and references Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 was monetised, you could buy lock boxes or whatever to unlock those characters and some items. Expect similar for Dragon Age multiplayer.

levian2494d ago

Agreed. Games like this sell me not just on the gameplay and the setting, but on the replayability. That ALONE is worth the price. It will be one of the very few games this year and next year that you'll be able to put in 100-400 hours per playthrough, and do that again 10+ times.

Every game tries to shoehorn in multiplayer, and 99% of them fail. Yes lots of people want multiplayer games, but you can't have EVERY game be multiplayer.

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Alexious2494d ago

Personally, I strongly wanted multiplayer in this game. I just hope that there's going to be enough replayability to keep us interested, though

DarkOcelet2494d ago

Why? I mean you have over a hundred hour single player campaign and the multiplayer co op will have nothing to do with the game , i mean they just put it to let the people know there is multiplayer in the game thus adding more value to the game but the problem is this game is centred on single player so i can assure you , the resources made for the multiplayer will be little and therefore you will get a bad multiplayer just like in Mass Effect 3 and Tomb Raider . They really need to have more faith that a game with a single player product only can sell very well . Look at Skyrim or fallout , they sold very well , and the witcher series have sold 6 millions and got a huge profit as the game budget was really low and they will get more profit in the witcher 3 which looks that its gonna set the bar for the rpg open world games on the current gen .

700p2494d ago

Many enjoyed ME3 multiplayer. I didnt care for it because multiplayer doesnt interest me as it did when i was a teenager. But Dragon age inquisition co-op multi seems it may be fun.

LavaLampGoo2494d ago

Don't want it, don't play it. I can't imagine they consciously deprived the Single Player just to build Co-op, if anything its just another reason to be excited by the game.

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vlashyr2494d ago

Good news. I need a fantasy co-op crawler and this will do just fine

Op_Static2494d ago

Wow a co-op dungeon crawler element in Dragon Age, I wasn't going to get this but now I am...just for that...
I had tons of fun and hours in the ME3 MP and ill play this with the same friends...wasn't sure what game to get this fall but this sealed it for me...lots of SP and a MP break with friends

ShadowWolf7122494d ago


Can't wait to give it a whirl.

TheTowelBoy2494d ago

Lol it's going to be like a third person Diablo guys, literally nothing to complain about here. Loot based, dungeon crawling with your friends. Follows the single player inquisition, but doesn't interact directly, and isn't pay to win. Also free DLC updates too. Read the Q&A at dragon, it's very informative!

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