A brief note about the continued discussion about Kotaku's approach to reporting

After a week of bashing the gaming community about issues unrelated to concerns that we've all had about the integrity of video game journalism and the sometimes "incestuous" relationship between developers and journalists, Stephen Totilo from Kotaku has finally addressed these concerns with a post on Kotaku.

The site now promises more clarity and transparency for readers regarding the relationships that some writers may share with the development (and/or publishing) communities.

This news forges a proper step in the right direction that gamers are seeking from the outlets that provide them with the news and information relating to the products and culture that they enjoy.

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-Foxtrot2494d ago

"I believe you readers want the same thing my team, without exception, wants: a site that feels bullshit-free and independent, that tells you about what's cool and interesting about gaming in a fair way that you can trust."


Yeah I'm sure you guys do

Baka-akaB2494d ago

You'd have to fire everyone and make a whole new site for that

Eonjay2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Exactly. Its too late when they have used their power to target, hurt, or give gifts for sexual favors.

They gets no clicks from me.

Baka-akaB2494d ago

It goes beyond that appalling affair , Kotaku have been useless to gaming in general for a long time . They were never an unbiased or reliable source of infos , they'd always follow the lead on the "trendy to bash" hype train , when not flat out starting it .

And pretend their reviews is less full of crap than the others , because they dont feature a score

xHeavYx2494d ago

Feels like he said a lot about nothing

morganfell2494d ago

Just drop off the radar Kotaku, you bunch of untalented hacks. You have used your magic wand so many times to damn companies and games you didn't like and all without justification. Now you smug bastards won't even admit what a mess you have made, will not come clean and seriously apologize for the tons of incidents over a period of years, driven solely by your ego and you want a clean slate so you can go back to business as usual?

Hell No.

Your pretended rockstar days are over. I hear the local Denny's is hiring.

NukaCola2494d ago

Current story on Kotaku's front page..

"This GoPro video shows Christian Yellott zipping through the incredible narrow canyons of Lake Powell but if I squint a little bit, I can convince myself that I'm watching kid Anakin podracing in Tatooine. Either way, it's pretty awesome."


guitarded772494d ago

You have to destroy FOX News financially. They were the damn breaker that brought the money train to news/journalism. Since then, we have seen things as disgusting as editorial advertising. There has almost always been some sort of bias in media, it's just at a point now where we cannot believe anything anymore, or question the intentions of the source.

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Baccra172494d ago

It would be nice if certain game sites could be blacklisted from N4G, that would send a message.

-Foxtrot2494d ago

They probably can but it's like higher ups on here don't want to

They said something a while a go about down voting it as a community but the amounf of down votes its probably got it should of been blacklisted by now

morganfell2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I recieved a PM from Cat that promised more control was coming to the community but that never happened. It was one of those remarks designed to calm you down until you forget. Well I didn't...

How many people here would be interested in a site where you actually could, by sheer user votes, control whether a story appears on the main page? How many people here would like a site where links repeatedly shown to be FUD, such as vgchartz would be banned? A site where personnel by vote could be given guest mod privledges for a period of 2 weeks? A site where game reviews were laid out with detailed guidelines and standards rather than some highschoolers opinions and such reviews were site published based on user voting?

iamnsuperman2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


There is a huge problem with that idea. It would create a website that is heavily bias to one side with no hope of returning to any form of balance. It would be very incestrial that would not allow a conflicting opinion to migrate here. We see the problem already with the Lame report function. People report lame when they disagree. Imagine the ramifications of allowing sheer votes to decide which websites are banned. Positive articles about the less popular devices would be pushed aside in favour of websites that run positive articles about the most popular device. That would descend the website into focusing on one platform and be no better than all the other websites out there.

That is not a good system. Mods are needed to keep the peace (as it were) and such an idea of yours would drive more users and articles from across different platforms/opinions away (which is something N4G isn't about despite what people may say). I would create a bubble of a single minded view point

morganfell2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Did I not say there were mods there? Also it isn't strictly a one to one voting. But what you will not have is the tripe that goes on here where stories are published depsite their being repeatedly packed with lies all because this site takes a payoff from such individuals. Apparently many people have forgotten about news and journalism that serves the public and the gamer rather than themeselves.

And how could a site not have articles about various devices when it has various sections? How could a site have a less popular device discussed when it is popular enough for voting? You see the issue here is the approval system for members is absurd allowing multiple accounts from users as well. Several sites have fixed this issue quite nicely. You can do that when your goal is not web traffic but rather community service.

And I would rather act and have to make some adjustments as we learn the best way to run the site than sit around and do nothing.

DeadMansHand2493d ago

@morgenfell. Sounds like you need to come to NeoGAF. Your comments are always articulate and backed up rather than drivel with no logic or reason. I've been there for a year now and I only come here to remind myself of what idiots can do when left unregulated and to see how many more tweets DualShockers are reporting as "news".

Mods here let the inmates run the asylum. It will never change until they start making policy changes and enforcing them.

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Back-to-Back2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

They're still a trash site. Who here remembers the fake GT5 loading times? Bottom line is they have zero journalistic integrity.


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iamnsuperman2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

This is something they should have done from the beginning. I can't believe it takes the backlash of the community to make them see this. It is like amature hour. Even as reporters you must keep impartial. Any evidence of conflicts of interest should never happen in the first place (i.e. you, as writers, should never put yourself in positions where this could be raise). You shouldn't be supporting patreons or kickstarters if it is your job to report on such things.

You and other sites have lost your integrity and credibility for something so careless. You will have to earn it back

WilliamUsher2494d ago

I agree and disagree about the Kickstarters -- as a gamer I feel it's the duty of the community to do all that they can to help see some of these titles come to life because the POS publishers don't care.

If I had $10k to donate to something like Mighty No. 9 I would do it in an instant. If I were writing for one of the larger sites and I wrote about the game, I do feel that that should be made known, but it doesn't take anything away from the site or the coverage since without the support of the community (both for media marketing and financial backing) some of these games just wouldn't exist.

I do think that transparency is what's key, though. And making these things obvious enough so readers have an idea of where everyone stands on the board.

If the readers request that a certain writer not write about a game they backed on Kickstarter then it's something the publication should take into consideration.

But shacking up with devs and then reporting on their game(s) is a huge no-no. That's just crossing the line.

iamnsuperman2494d ago

Though directly funding a game and the reporting on it brings a credibility issue (even if they make it clear that they have funded the game). It is important to just avoid that situation all together. I get it they may be big fans but at the end of the day their job depends on their continued credibility. Openness is a must but avoiding a situation in the first place should take priority.

Joe9132494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I think it depends on if it is a review or not because if it is then the writer's opinion is worthless because they are funding the game how hard could it be to avoid the bs by having someone not funding a game review it sounds simple to me but I see nothing wrong with writing about the game you are funding just to get awareness.

rainslacker2494d ago

Most journalistic entities of good reputation often take on causes or promote things that their target audience may like to support. I don't feel that gaming should be excluded from doing so.

I don't believe that funding or promoting a game through a publication is a bad thing. The issue comes from doing so in a way that isn't transparent.

They shouldn't at any time make it where it's underhanded. If they review the game, they should disclose in the review that they promoted the game. They should disclose that KickStarter is not a guarantee of success to those that may donate because of their articles, and they should at least have a link to an article on the pros and cons of kickstarter.

So really the key thing to take away is to remain transparent on their support at all times, so the reader can decide what is best.

Godmars2902494d ago

So, weeks after the fact and when it was likely best to put themselves before it, Kotaku's addressing thing.

The heat must still be rising. Their traffic falling.

WilliamUsher2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

There's already groups working together to spread the word on how to affect traffic for the larger sites.

You can learn more from this comment here:

The entire thread is pretty useful. (comes from this page here)


That's just a start. 4chan is also working hard to get the ball rolling, too. Reddit is still somewhat on lockdown so I doubt they can "witch hunt" quite in the same way but hopefully they'll pick it up and spread the word.

EdoubleD2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

We have to keep putting the pressure on them, it ain't done yet. Remember they're not the only ones.

pwnsause_returns2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Don't even dare give em a click... Just move on...keep pressuring them...

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