Experienced Points: What Made Silent Hill 2 Great and Why the Devs Don't Get It

Shamus Young:

Silent Hill fans are a lot like Sonic fans. Years ago, we got a single magical, series-defining game, and since then we've been waiting for the developers to get their act together and recapture that momentary greatness. Each time a new title is announced, we hear devs talking about how much they loved the original, how hard they've worked to recapture that feeling, and all the things they're doing to avoid the mistakes of the past. And then the game comes out and it's a massive disappointment that makes you wonder if they even played the original. The longer we go on, the more it feels like the first one might have been an accidental masterpiece and the creators never understood why it worked in the first place.

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DarkOcelet2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Actually they made 4 masterpieces . Silent hill 4 was so underrated and Silent hill 3 was amazing but because Silent hill 2 set the bar extremely high in term of story for the series , some felt silent hill 3 wasnt up to par but it was excellent on its own and also we got shattered memories which was a different take on the original but it was very good and was really close to silent hill 2 . I can keep talking alot about them but i cant describe just how beautiful the series is . And silent hill 1 was the first silent hill for me and holds a special place in my heart . I cant believe you say silent hill 2 is the first . Its really beautiful but honestly silent hill 1 is just as good .