Hungry for more Rocksmith 2014 DLC? Duran Duran join the party

Neil writes "If you’ve been watching the weekly Rocksmith 2014 DLC offerings you’ll see some big name bands have joined the ranks over the year. Well now, another massive group have signed up."

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ATi_Elite2494d ago

The reflex is a lonely child waiting by the porch.

YES Duran Duran is LEGIT!

Ah the 80's were so cool.....except for Gangs and Crack!

Rockefellow2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Oh yeah, I remember when this came out a week ago. There's a whole new (and infinitely more interesting) pack that came out today, and I highly suggest everyone check it out: http://www.theriffrepeater....

PaleMoonDeath2494d ago

Needs more GN'R: Appetite for Destruction, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden etc, wasn't all that keen on the overload for indie music.

Rockefellow2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I'd love to see all of that, but most people who are fans of these types of games know the ugly truth to the matter. There's plenty of Maiden in the game, but you'll never see the other bands you mentioned without some kind of miracle.

Not too sure where this "overload of indie music" mentality came from either, considering the major names pulled into the DLC stream lately (unless you mean on disc, which is still kind of silly).

In fact, just checking over all the DLC from this year, there's absolutely no indie music outside of some Japanese promotional tunes, and even then, the bands they featured would be more than mainstream in their native country.

PaleMoonDeath2494d ago

Muse, Black Stripes, White stripes are the few indie songs I bothered to learn, pretty much none of the current songs are all that challenging or my personal taste of music sadly.

I downloaded Pantera, that's about it, not even bigger bands like Metallica are given a nod, guess I should just stick to learning tabs.

Muzikguy2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

This came out last week! Now it's not just news anymore but also NEWs one week later?! Could've at least talked about the new pack that came out today... "Journalism"

I understand if it was missed but I wouldn't make a new story about something that already happened and has stories for it too. Just look at those