PS3 Vs Xbox 360 - A Game Developer's View

"Being a video game developer (I develop for both, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360) people ask me almost daily which platform I think is better. These are my personal feelings, in no way does this reflect my employer.

Short answer: XBOX 360.

Long answer: Price, performance, visual quality, game selection and online support. I think the XBOX 360 wins in every category.

Price: This is obvious; the XBOX 360 core is only $299. The PS3 is around $499 for the 20GB version. It comes with a hard drive, but you don't need a hard drive to enjoy a lot of great games on the 360 so I think it's fair to compare both core systems.

Performance: On paper, the PS3 is more powerful. In reality, it's quite inferior to the 360. Without getting into too many details, the three general-purpose CPU's the xbox360 has are currently FAR easier to take advantage of than the SPU's on the PS3. I suspect a few years down the road some high budget, first party PS3 exclusive titles will come out that really take advantage of the SPU's and do things the XBOX 360 can't, but I don't think the console is worth buying based on this speculation (for some it will be though, we'll have to wait and see how these games turn out).

Graphics: The XBOX 360 is a clear winner. The GPU is more powerful. It has more powerful fillrate, and far more pixel and vertex processing horsepower. Part of the reason is their choice of memory, and architecture of pixel and vertex procesing. I can't get into details but the same vertex shader will run much slower on the PS3 than the XBOX 360. The 360 also has a clever new way rendering high definition anti aliased back buffers. To accomplish the same effect on PS3 is prohibitively expensive. For this reason I think many games will have no choice but to run in non-HD resolutions on the PS3 version, use a lower quality anti aliasing technique, or do back buffer upscaling. The end result in all cases is going to be noticeably worse image quality..."

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Tut5920d ago

I could care less about the so-called "war" but if this guy doesn't want to "step on any toes" he shouldn't have opened his mouth or remained anonymous. Now he will be known for stepping on toes and being a coward (omg internet geekz are going 2 kill me if I state my opinion)!

Grow some balls if you expect anyone to consider your opinion, but until then this is from an unknown source that no one will take seriously except for the fanatics (fanboys).

Flame wars begin! ~

uxo225920d ago

Man, why are you so put out by this guy's opinion. Although I might add, it IS a PROFESSIONAL opinion. At any rate, stop being a tool and get off of your soap box. Whether he gives his name or not he has a right to his opinion.

Donkey Slayer5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )


Toriyama and Versus producer Shinji Hashimoto defended the decision to release FFXIII on the PS3. According to Hashimoto, the development staff determined that one DVD would not be enough for the type of visual expression they were attempting to make. Toriyama noted that, regarding visual expression, the PS3's shader abilities are a big factor.


OPM: How's your experience with the storage media of the PS3, the HDD and the BluRay disc? And do you have any comparable experience with HD-DVD technology?

M.M.: Our focus is 100% BluRay, so I cannot compare with HD-DVD. I can only say that the new BluRay disc format is truly awesome. The capacity is immense, and the Data Transfer Rate is way beyond what we are used to. And that's really important, because Data Streaming (OPMED: where the console constantly loads new data from disc) is truly the only way to push next-gen games to the limit. The Playstation 3 HDD is something that we have so far given less attention to, because it hasn't been certain all that long yet that it will be standard on every console. Decreasing load-times by copying a part of the game to the HDD is one possibility, though it doesn't matter all that much for a streaming game like ours. But there are tons of other applications, such as the possibility to as it were record your whole game, to be able to watch a replay of it later on. We intend to use the HD optimally, but how, I can't tell yet currently.


"The 360 is a fantastic machine. I really really like it. The only thing, you know, that is going to cause trouble is the amount of storage space available on a DVD... thats really a problem."

The Darkness on the PS3 has more content than on the Xbox360.

Team Ninja

"The infamous Team Ninja front man has a thing or two to say about Microsoft's decision to assign standard DVD format to the Xbox 360. Limiting his development team to a measly 9GB does not sit well with Itagaki, especially when Team Ninja is looking to include any number of (MS-coveted) HD cut scenes. It's ironic that Microsoft has been the most outspoken about the "HD era", but is the least prepared for it… However, don't be surprised to see an Xbox 360.1 springing up in a year or two, complete with HD-DVD drive."

Last year, interview with Famitisu magainze, Itagaki explained his frustration with MS going with standard DVD format instead of going with HD-DVD. Since Japaneese developers love working on games in CG, now Itagaki san will face even more great challenge with xbox 360, or he can just switch over.

Go to IGN, they removed content on DOA4. They said they have to keep an eye on memory for future games as well thx to the limitaionso of DVD.

Enchant Arms

"The developer of "Enchant Arms," an upcoming role-playing game in Japan, told last year it was hoping to be able to fit the game on two discs, but admitted "that's even looking grim." Any old school gamer can tell you that switching discs while playing is not a fun experience."

Vivendi Universal

"The technical requirement for game development today demands more advanced optical-disc technologies," said Michael Heilmann, chief technology officer for Vivendi Universal.
"Blu-ray offers the capacity[.]"


"EA, a leading games developer and publisher, added that the delivery of high-definition games of the future was vital and Blu-ray had the capacity, functionality and interactivity needed for the kinds of projects it was planning."

F1 06 developpers

Q: Will the graphics improve from F1 05?

A: We try hard every year to improve where neccessary, but as I said before, the PS2 is running on it’s limits with the 22 cars. Graphically it is similar to F105, although we believe that the driving experience is much more rewarding with the new kerbing and the new phyiscs. The PS3, though, is something else! That machine is a Beast! We are adding an enormous amount of graphic detail to absolutely everything. To give you some idea about detail levels, one car in the PS3 game takes up the same amount of memory as all 22 cars in the PS2 version!! That’s a 22 fold increase! You can damage the sidepods on the PS3 cars and see in side the car and it has radiators and exhaust pipes and everything. It’s awesome. Gameplay-wise the PS3 also allows us to use much more accuarate collision models. In a PS2, the car has an invisible ”box” that detects collisions all the way around the car, but in the PS3, there is no single box – you can get the wheels interlocked with the other cars.

Ninja Theory

Well i want to ask something if i may.Do you guys use/plan to use the extra space the blu-ray provides,for the benefit of the game,or its just to early for that yet?

Quote:Originally Posted by Arfi-Gorgona-O
Guys,someone to answer my question too?At least tell me if you cant so i wont ask again,even a no comment is good enough for me

Quote:Originally Posted by Ninja Mikey
[NT-DEV] Chief Technology Ninja

Sorry Arfi - let's see if we can't get you a decent answer....


There you go

Seriously though the game is gonna need a whole lot of data for all the levels and characters that we are planning. At Sony's presentation on Monday last week they had a slide showing that the storage medium for a console is usually 100 times the size of the consoles main RAM - the point being that a DVD wouldn't be able to hold enough data for a AAA quality game. So yes, we'll definitely be needing the space that's available on the BD!



Unreal Tournament was 6GB compressed. Next Generation games are going to be 20GB plus, and how we're going to fit them on DVD9's I don't know, they'll probably be a few of them. On the PS3, we're going to be using the majority of the space on those Blu-ray disks. So, online isn't really the best option in some instances. Downloading 30Gb isn't really feasible.

Retard5920d ago

Wow, someones been following up on there homework!

Down to the bottom line... I don't care whoever said it, it seems slightly baised, I own ALL OF THE SYSTEMS; and I seriously doubt PS3 is inferior by any means compared to Xbox 360.

Grown Folks Talk5920d ago

is out now. as far as i know, it's on 1 disc. when the ps3 starts coming out with 40 hour games, let me know. oblivion is the longest game i've seen in a while. blu-ray would only add cgi cut scenes.

Sidherich5920d ago

werent square enix the ones saying that FFXII will be 2 DVD's (2x 9GB?) once it is out? Can't remember as it was some time ago. Looking up the amount i would have to download i see about 2.5GB packed so i think a single 4.3GB DVD-R would suffice.

As for Team Ninja ... looking up the amount i need to download DOA4 i would fill a single 4.3 DVD-R as well.

Oblivion is another example. I clearly remember the developers claim that the game takes a whole DVD with the voices taking half of it. Again the game was delivered on a standard DVD5

I do notice a trend with companies claiming their game will have a certain size on the disk once it is released which normally isnt true anymore once the game is released.

Tut5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )

Yeah, they do have a right to their own opinion and I wasn't knocking that. Did you even read my post? I was talking about his "anonymity" and people not taking his opinion seriously because of it.

My entire point was this article is complete bullsh!t and could never be considered news... except by this site who has retarded mods.

Congratulations on resorting to personal attacks, you must have just grown a pair yourself. Share them with the so-called "developer" in this article.

How the hell did this thing get so derailed?

Oh.... fanboys...

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drewdrakes5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )

This does back up everything said thus far, but who is it and which company does he work for? I really cant take this seriously if he isn't man enough to say his name. If he believes in his opinion, why hide?

uxo225920d ago

he doesn't want haters, hating on him when he is logs on as a casual user. You know how it is, once the haters start hating, there's no stopping them.

NextGen24Gamer5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )

This is all stuff we knew about months ago...I have shown links to many developers/programmers who say the exact same thing he is saying. But even if you don't care about that. Play the games and see for yourselves. Not one ps3 game competes with MANY of the 360 games already out. The highest rated ps3 game is Resistance at 89%. The 360 has many games in the 90's and even more in the 80's just like Resistance. Prey from this last summer recieved 90's. You don't have to believe me, or the many developers....The games speak for themselves. And I have the ps3 and the 360. Right now the ps3 doesn't even come close folks. But, like he said, there might be something great to come. Who knows. Sony fans hope...I just wait and see.

P.S. the 360 has 23 editors choice awarded games out RIGHT NOW !!!!!! Games rated higher than the ps3's highest rated game in Resistance. My point is...for 200 dollars less you get better games, more games, and a better next gen system. PERIOD. With more incredible games to come in 2007. WOW...
Thanks Microsoft...

D3acon5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )

I wonder why exactly everyone compares the 60gb ps3 as the one to get? There is a 20gb version that is comparable to the 360 premium. You get more of the same and for an extra $100 you get a blu-ray player, if you want to look at it that way.

The premium ps3 is what it says preimium. The Ps3 core is absolutely functional, I believe a lot more functional than the 360 core but thats just my opinion of courese. The premium Ps3 has a few more bells and whistles for another $100, surely everyone sees that even the Sony haters.

When you think about it if you have access to the 20gb model you can upgrade the hard drive with just about any 2.5 hard drive.

D3acon5920d ago

The same gripe I hear is that the xbox 360 is easier to program for. This is beside the point, if you have a more powerful machine that will allow you to do more and keep you from limiting your ideas then you should develop for it. Even if you have to learn a new system of doing things, you should take the time to learn it to create better games for the consumer.

I'm tired of hearing "the 360 is better because its easy to develop for." Every time I read or hear that it affirms that the ps3 is the better machine. Lazy programmers working just for the money and not for the customer and consumers of their products say that.

I would believe a real game developer would be estatic to devlop for the ps3 and say "Finally more room to work with." Instead I'm hearing, you mean we have to do more work to become familiar with new technology?

I heard that Sony was releasing middleware and tools to ease developer transition. Maybe they need to do a better job I don't know, I do know that is what's needed.

In closing, I don't even believe that it was a developer's opinion because he doesn't sound like he has a college education. And of courese like everyone has said if you want your opinion to matter don't bash another company's console annonamysly(sp)it shows poor character and lack of conviction.

To Donkey Slayer, you've done a great job keeping up with refrences and developer opinions on the Ps3.

SweetChaos5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )

i could easily up a counter-article that says the opposite of this.
like this

god. give it up and let the systems talk... and what the hell do you mean the xbox 360 has plenty of games in the 90s(so the f*** what? ps3 just launched! you sound stupid.

NextGen24Gamer5920d ago

And it was prior to the ps3 launch. Before he even got to play it hands on. ha ha ha ha ha....Not a programmer, not a developer...and not even a hands on preview or review or comparisson. Sony fans are showing how angry and desperate they are every day. Just stop...this is sad and pathetic folks. You put up an old article from a sony exclusive editor for gamepro...Since then he has put sony ps3 in check with patheticly low reviews of first party games. ha ha ha ha ha... We were all tricked into thinking the ps3 would be something out of this world. But its out. And I have it. And the games are getting bad reviews. 2's, 3's, 5's, and 6's. direct your anger towards SONY. They did this. WOW. Thanks Microsoft... The best 400 dollars I have ever spent easily.

Weapon X5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )

top gamr despises anything made by SNE all the way back to the Walkman. It's a foregone conclusion. He's a natural MS love fountain. A/W as far as the article goes it's a joke. Anyone with half a brain knows that the PlayStation is a very competent system with a huge upside, just like the 360. Once the PS3 get its "sea legs" and begins to churn a wake, we'll see the real head to head washout. I wish we could just fast forward and get beyond all of this kindergarten, bantering hor$e$hit.
Until then, this all pathetic heresey and fanboy jet fuel.

BTW top gamer LOVES to vote for himself EVERY stinkin' time he posts.

PS - Thanks Microsoft.

Raist5920d ago

Yeah topgamer.

And of course the guys behind Lair, Heavenly Sword, for instance, didn't say it couldn't be done on the 360 ?

Oh and kojima, who said that MGS4 couldn't be done exactly the same way on the 360 too, mainly because of the octocam thing.

Did you forget all those things ?

Just like you forgot one of your most excellent statements "mark my words ! there will be no 1080p games !!1!1oneone"


ploody5920d ago

i havent been impressed with the ps3 so far, but look how far the 360 has come since last year, the ps3 could still do the same, it just might take 2 years or so instead