Steam Now Allows Multiple Installations At Once

In latest news, Steam is going to allow multiple installations at once in their next update. We're wondering why this wasn't implemented earlier on.

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MuhammadJA2484d ago

I wasn't bothered by the lack of this feature earlier. I'm sure plenty will benefit from it.

roadkillers2484d ago

How? What is the difference on having one game download and finish first compared to both games finishing at the same time? It is going to take the same amount of time... I would be more interested in downloading while playing other games if they have not implemented that yet.

Are_The_MaDNess2484d ago

thats already there..... the downloading in-game i mean.

Bobby Kotex2484d ago

Steam always allowed multiple installations. This just looks like it makes it slightly more convenient.

WeAreLegion2484d ago

Well, you could always install multiple games at once. You just couldn't select multiple titles and hit "install all".

traumadisaster2483d ago

Steam, the only tech related company I haven't had an issue with.
Apple -icloud, a mess for me
Droid - my note stares at me forever when I select something
Ps3 - first 3 years
360 - wouldn't give new console in 2011
Timewarner and directv and pc not bad for me.
X1 - kinect less responsive than first one
Ps4 - too few exclusives for a pc player

Steam always works, 75% off, can play offline, free service, good community forums on each game page.