The 10 Most Anticipated Indie Games

Josh Hawkins (Prima Games): As we mentioned in a previous article, The Best Indie Games You Should Play Right Now, the world of gaming has never been as big and full of opportunity as it is right now. From the looming holiday releases to the most obscure indie titles available, we scoured the Internet once more to bring you a list of these 10 indie games you should pick up on release day.

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ATi_Elite2494d ago

Kerbek Space program

DayZ? no one plays this mess anymore. Breaking Point is way better.

Darkwood is my most Anticipated Indie game releasing soon.

theEx1Le2487d ago

I'm sorry but I play breaking point and Its no where near as active as you make it seem. Dont get me wrong its better in almost every way which is a shame but I think your over selling its popularity here. The true test for me I think, will be when Arma 3: Epoch comes properly.

come_bom2493d ago

Wasteland 2 is one of my most anticipated games of the year. Another is Pillars of Eternity (not on the list).

andibandit2493d ago

Im anticipating those games as well, but are they really indie games?

Wni02493d ago

halo 5 and the new madden baby!

ThichQuangDuck2493d ago

neither are indie games but okay