Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 No. 4 in sales on launch day

Metal Gear Solid 4 was the #4 selling product at's video games division on launch day. The top three positions were occupied by Wii Fit, Wii Console, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Hit the jump for more details.

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Silogon5474d ago

Break those bundles down and you'd have a different story to tell, jack asses.

crazy250005474d ago

Maybe we will get a report by next week.

Irishrocket695473d ago

you need to tell yourself to get up in the morning! You silly PS-Tools!!! How long has Smash Bros. been out?

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Brian52475474d ago

Amazon sales are not news. Report please.

pumpkinpunker5474d ago

They're the #1 online outlet in the United States. There have been a ton of stories approved regarding sales on Amazon for the bundle and many other games.

ash_divine5474d ago (Edited 5474d ago )

it's not amazon sales, it's a news article about amazon sales. theres a difference. a small one but still a difference.

edit: I didn't mean to agree with you, i did at first but then i thought about and by the time i changed my mind it was too late to change it.

XBOX 3605474d ago (Edited 5474d ago )

Amazon data is worthless.

It's already in the #2 spot and has been all day.

40gb PS3 is at 12 ... MGS4 bundle is in 23rd (because of stock issues - it's out of stock on Amazon).

and the 360 premium is in 36th place.

...for comparison. :P

VendettaWFT5473d ago

as of 8:30...currently no. 1

lawman11085473d ago

Just more PS3 Bias on this site

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niall775474d ago (Edited 5474d ago )

you pre order online and get it delivered on release, if you want to buy it on day1 you go to a F"""ing gamestop.

amd the Number 4 selling thing on amazon isnt bad up against the evil sales machine of the Wii

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