Pokkén Tournament: 13 Fighters on Our Wishlist

CraveOnline: The possibilities are pretty endless for Pokkén, and there’s a lot we still don’t know. Will the game include any non-Fighting type Pokémon? How large will its roster be? When, if ever, will it see a release outside of arcades? Though the latter thankfully seems likely (Namco is known for following up with a console version after a new Tekken is released), there’s plenty to discuss, theorize, and learn before we start worrying about the game’s release date on Wii U. Which had better happen, Namco. I’m serious. *Sends friendly telepathic threat to Namco Bandai HQ.*

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novacav2447d ago

Ya! Mega Evolutions in this game would make my day/year/decade.

user55757082447d ago

this has so much potential IF...they leave out tekken characters. tales characters would be welcome though

SunnyTheFunnyBunny2447d ago


They can make a nice storyline between these 2 pokemon

novacav2447d ago

Yes, a story of love and loss. And wailing on each other.

Majin-vegeta2447d ago

Scyther,Pinsir,all 3 Hitmon's,Squirtle family,Charmander family,Electabuzz,Magmar etc.... I hope we can evolve during battle.Like on DIgimon rumble arena

novacav2447d ago

That would be awesome.

One of my big questions about this game - will it just be a novelty, or are Nintendo and Namco going to supoort it long-term? Also, even though it's a VERY different sort of game, I can't help but wonder if it does kinda sorta compete with Smash in an undesirable way.

ElasticLove2447d ago


You get the point, hoping Hawlucha is in the game.

BlackWolf2447d ago

Lucha libre as the basis of his moveset, of course... That'd be awesome!

JonnyBigBoss2447d ago

I never realized there were so many good fighting style monsters in Pokemon. I'm such a newb.

HexxedAvenger2447d ago

I'm seriously hoping for Primeape and Heracross. What's not to say they would use other nonfighting types. Nidoking? Tyranitar maybe?

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The story is too old to be commented.