What's Next for Nintendo?

The company's the leader of the pack now. How can it keep it that way?

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power of Green 3871d ago

This console(Wii) will get murdered from its own success(as soon as the competition launches Motion tech its over).

Silogon3871d ago

Let's hope they don't launch their own and instead make something new and innovative and something that makes sense to each xbox 360's and Ps3's users.

Motion controls haven't impressed me and probably never will. I enjoy relaxing while I play games because I am active in other areas of my life. I don't need one of the last forms of entertainment to exhaust me. I'm playing a game to relax, not work up a damn sweat.

Smacktard3871d ago

Hahaha, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, power of green. Obviously you're sincerely doubting the power of brand recognition and brand loyalty, not to mention Nintendo has a headstart on developing this motion technology.

Intrepid3871d ago

If you think the Wii's motion controls require you to flail your arms and jump around wildly, than you're ignorant. In fact, I play most of my Wii games lying on my stomach.

DICK3871d ago

nuting the xbox 360 and ps3 should take sum notes n maybe 1 day dey will be able too make great games like nintendo

zerolinkgannon3871d ago

Listen to the fans and release the games we want. =]

xxBATTLECATxx3871d ago

i was wondering something. i first got into gaming playing the NES with my older brother when i was like 5, and back then we had sh!t games like the adams family, top gun, goonies 2, contra, toki, and ninja turtles just to name a few. all somwhat good or much more crappy than i ever really knew (cuz i was a kid) but nintendo got me gaming, it bred an entire generation of 90s kids to play video games. so while most (including myself) people on this site really dislike the Wii, i wouldnt change anything theyre doing cuz its gaming for a newer generation thatll eventually grow up like all of us and persue more hardcore games with much more substance as GAMERS

darando3870d ago

more crappy casual games and the more HC games getting a dum down to suit casuals...

im just hoping this is a fad and the wii 2 gets more HC games