Let's Hope The Super Smash Bros. Roster Leak Is Real

CCC Says: "We've all seen the alleged Super Smash Bros. leaks. We've seen what could be. Now, there's only hope, because this rumored roster has to be true. This must be real, because there is a grudge and, if this proves accurate, a long held wrong may finally be righted.

For if this Super Smash Bros. roster leak is accurate, then that damn Duck Hunt dog will finally get his comeuppance."

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wonderfulmonkeyman2493d ago

I love this article so much, because it conforms to my philosophy regarding characters in Smash:

If there's a character that I don't like being included in Smash, I don't sulk about it, I smile.
Because I now get to beat the stuffing out of a character I don't like.

Silver linings, people.
Silver linings.

randomass1712493d ago

lol I just go in with moderate or reasonably high expectations and that way I go in excited or just contented. I'm personally excited if the leak is real. Bowser Jr. is adorable and a FLUDDless Mario is very welcome in my book. :)

TekoIie2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Well if there's one thing that always happens with Smash it's that what I expect with the characters isn't always what I get.

Right now among all the newcomers I want to main Palutena, but come release I might really like Duck Hunt Dog's moveset and main him instead.

I might be the one you *try* to beat the stuffing out of ;D

desolationstorm2493d ago

I am excited to possibly play as the dog. I hope hope hope he throws ducks.

Plus I would love a level where the ducks or pigeons fly into the level.

gangsta_red2493d ago

I hope that Duck Hint dog is over powered and cheap!

That would be a huge middle finger from Nintendo for all of who can't wait to beat that Dog's butt.