Another 14 new cars confirmed for Forza Horizon 2

Neil writes "It's week six of the big Forza Horizon 2 car reveal and this week sees another 14 new motors added to the garage."

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

This is actually looking more promising than the crew TBH.

Edit: To each one that disagrees, you will get laughed at. As a PS4 owner,
i'm very impressed with what i seen in this game. So i would careless about ppl disagree with this.

Septic1934d ago

37 minutes later and no one has disagreed...

GodGinrai1934d ago

Thats gotta be some kind or record. lol

Slacker1934d ago

yeah seriously a record I posted the status of XBL and PSN the other day, and had at least one disagree right away.

4Sh0w1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Wow, love the variety of cars they are putting in instead of 25 models of essentially same cars. Screenshots are beautiful too.

Reddzfoxx1934d ago

looks like someone was being generous with the disagrees today you already got 2 yourself.

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Cherchez La Ghost1934d ago

0_o?!!! No disagrees?!! It's about to snow!! LoL!!

Dezmond1934d ago

That Caterham is a good addition to Forza Horizon 2

Elit3Nick1934d ago

Ya that thing is a monster that requires perfect throttle control for you not to kill yourself :D

700p1933d ago

Yeah the cars so far are great.

pastysmash1934d ago

Alongside the crew. They are the best two driving games this year. Packed full of content with detailed worlds to explore.

Takes me back to the days of TDU1. :)

GodGinrai1934d ago

*notices BMW 2002 and Escort RS200 on the list*

....Yeeeesshhhhhh!...*ahem*.. forgive me. Im sorry, but I love those two cars. And your gonna let me drive them all over THAT map? *fist pumps* Yesssssshhhh!

urwifeminder1934d ago

Love my Japanese cars consoles not so much lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.