Gaming Journalist Finally Admits Gaming Media Was Wrong, Apologizes To 4Chan

One Angry Gamer "Writing under the pseudonym of “Ariel Connor”, one media journalist and blogger has finally come forward to say: gaming media was wrong. How they’ve handled this situation, how they’ve dealt with blackballing information and enacting radio silence for the sake of covering their own hides; they were wrong. According to “Ariel Connor”, she decided to come forward because the information finally came out about how The Fine Young Capitalists and 4Chan (of all places) actually became victims in a war that devolved into gaming journalists doing nothing more than protecting self-interests."

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crusf2484d ago

All I want is good honest game journalism. No lies or BS controversy. Is that really that hard?

pwnsause_returns2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Ask kotaku, they seem to do it all the times they are definitely not getting a click from should do the same... f***ers need to learn.

Dee_912484d ago

Same here.No clicks from me until they address these issues.Its great this person came out and said this but its not nearly enough considering this person is anonymous.

Rachel_Alucard2484d ago

Wow finally someone did research on what they were blasting. Fox news could take a lesson from this.

Orbertron2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

When you have to Apologizes to 4Chan, you know you have done something really ...really wrong.

reploid2484d ago

Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, Polygon (and others) are not gaming websites at this point. You should treat them as a "social justice warrior gaming subculture" which is biased, caters to the interest of their hipster indie dev friends and will spread lies and FUD like hotcakes. I wish the gaming community as a whole would extirpate them.

Potnoodle9992484d ago

I wish more light would be shed on this entire story on these websites. I just read about the whole thing and although there is clearly a lot of bias on both sides, it was the most interesting read I've had in a long time. Zoe Quinn is... well it's hard to put into words considering we will never know the whole story so I'll just say she made some very bad decisions and is definitely paying for them now. But the real story is to do with gaming journalism and it's integrity.
Yes, there is no mass conspiracy involving everyone, but this whole story really shows that there is corruption in this industry that is far more widespread than I ever believed it was. When people talked about money hatting and backroom deals I never believed it meant stuff like this...
Anyway here's some stories about it if you haven't seen the story ow-zoe-quinn-screwed-her-way-th rough-the-video-game-industry in/2014/08/22/the-truth-about-v ideo-game-journalism/

You have to sift through some bias in both here, theirs some bull and gossip, but also a lot of truth and it's really interesting. Enjoy :)

Godmars2902484d ago

Quinn might be the absolute worst example of what's been going on with game journalism, but the plain matter of the fact is that such collusion is common. From people who have worked or hope to work in the industry also being part of the reviewer community, to game companies bribing with trips to shows, free stuff, and even basic access to games. Ad money.

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