The Last of Us Factions – New Weapons Today, Free Maps this Week

ND Writes: "For PS3 players, patch 1.08 will be made available globally over the next 24 hours. PS4 will a get live update during this time.

These updates will make available the new scoped weapons. The free maps are coming out later this week alongside additional fixes for the PS4, including updates to improve matchmaking times."

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-Foxtrot2484d ago


Seriously you had a balanced game why add more weapons which will just unbalance it

It's like when NaughtyDog meddled with Uncharted 2 and we got the 1.5 update...remember how that turned out. Then Uncharted 3 in general....<sigh>

They usually fix what doesn't need fixing yet leave the stuff which does

JoGam2484d ago

if the weapons are free then i'm cool with it.

-Foxtrot2484d ago

What does them being free got to do with it

Free or not if they make the game unbalanced then it's bad.

JoGam2484d ago

But technically it shouldn't if everyone has access to them.

Omar912484d ago

there not free unfortunately :(

SoapShoes2484d ago

Yeah but you're under the mindset that they will be unbalanced.

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Man_Marmalade2484d ago

The only weapon I'm sick of is 4-player shotguns on the opposite team.

-Foxtrot2484d ago

If I blindly praised NaughtyDog, I'm a Sony fanboy

If I criticize something they've done, I'm a whiner

Doesn't make a different what anyone does in your eyes. Maybe you should actually try and contribute something to the site man instead of posting immature comments.

2pacalypsenow2484d ago

I hate that damn bow and arrow 2 hits for a down vs 3 riffle shots for a down? Or 3 bursts of the burst riffle 6-9 bullets?

AgentSmithPS42484d ago

That's what she said.

I haven't tried the MP yet but I hope that they make it reasonably fair and fun to play if it's not already.

2pacalypsenow2484d ago

Whats even worse is that one of the best pistols in the game has to be bought? i just wanna get those 2 trophies and be done with the MP in this game

PaleMoonDeath2484d ago

I completely agree, the original online was perfect, it was balanced and fair, but these DLC weapons and perks have totally given an unfair advantage to many, shotgun victim many a time over here.

FullmetalRoyale2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Lol the fanboy defense?

Nobody has every accused you of being a fanboy, and you know that. You are only hating on things, or posting generic "give me bubbles" comments after you've just been banned. Then you go right back to your bullshit attitude. You are almost always crying about something. Usually by dictating what features a game SHOULD have. lol Your issues with Dragon Age coop, in development for over two years by a separate team they made just for this mode, on TOP of the 100+ hours single player, all multiplayer dlc will be free, the coop mode can be played solo, and yet you STILL bitch about it.

Want to know why I think you like solo play so much? Because nobody really likes you, that's why.

The majority of gamers enjoy single player games. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING THE OPTION! The world doesn't revolve around you.

trenso12482d ago

Variable Rifle

Fast and accurate rifle that downs in four shots. Press x while aiming to use the variable scope zoom!

i know what your saying about balance but this gun is the only only one to worry about but because it is 4 shots one less then the semi auto i think you are worrying over nothing. It will most likely be a 3 shot down with a headshot

Evilsnuggle2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Exactly the Variable Rifle is overpowered. Also this is paid to win . I don't care about maps and DLC . Sell hats sell mask sell skins but don't sell things that has a effects on game play. But weapons should not be able to be bought . It gives some players a unfair advantage again other players who are not willing to pay extra for them.

Sony fanboys are hypocrites . They bashed Forza 5 for selling cars . But see nothing wrong with selling guns that exactly effects the mp game.

This is coming from a Sony fan

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ThunderPulse2484d ago

But the game needs new items or it'll always be just the same game over and over again. At least with new gear you can make new classes.

-Foxtrot2484d ago

It's not really a game which needs classes though, if you want that go play COD or every other typical online game out there.

Man_Marmalade2484d ago

Call of Duty doesn't have a duck-and-cover system. You just crouch behind something and hope they don't have FMJ rounds.

FullmetalRoyale2484d ago

It HAS classes. lol

How is that logical?? "Go play COD.."

Wow. Classic Foxtrot.

-Foxtrot2484d ago


I know it has classes, I was just saying it's a game which doesn't need them anyway, meaning I'd be against them adding more. Jesus Christ man.

Revolver_X_2484d ago

I believe Fox just sux at the online. The weapons are all balanced. The bow and rifle are STILL the strongest weapons. The pump shotgun is STILL the strongest purchaseable. Pump shotgun can down in 1 round up close. The launcher cant do that at any distance. The AR > Spectre. The Sawed-off Shotty is garbage. The Revolver > Enforcer. The sneak perk is annoying but not OP. Your claims of the DLC gear being OP is false. The core guns are still stronger. Your just a garbage player.

ThunderPulse2483d ago

Don't blame DLC if you don't know how to make classes to earn more parts.

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XSpike2484d ago

My fav weapon getting a power boost!? (hunting rifle) I wasn't expecting that, I already kick butt with it, still 2 hits for a kill but I don't think it really needed a power boost

CervantesPR2484d ago

Its only on PS3 its already "boosted" on PS4

Father__Merrin2484d ago

im playing on ps4 and weapons need to register kills quicker

ltachiUchiha2484d ago

Hopefully they add sum infected modes next, I also wouldn't mind having sum uncharted bonus maps & characters. Would love to shiv someone using Nathan or blow someones head off with Sully using his dirty harry gun lol.

Clown_Syndr0me2483d ago

I'm really surprised there isn't already infected modes seeing as the whole single player was based around it.
Even a co op horde mode would be cool.

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