Zoe Quinn: Internet Villainess or Victim?

A look at the current internet controversy surrounding a single female game developer.

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WillGuitarGuy2495d ago

People are still talking about this?

johndoe112112495d ago

People should be talking about this still. This is a major issue that affects the gaming industry as a whole.

morganfell2494d ago


You are correct in that these articles obviously need to continue for a while longer. All one need do is look at the number of persons in this thread that were unfamiliar with her actions and it indicates further dispersal of the truth is required. They need to be informed so they do not, in the future and by lack of knowledge, support any of her efforts.

If she wants to be a whore then she doesn't get to be a pretend whore. She needs to be cut off from the gaming industry to the point she is forced to become a legitimate version of the person she has clearly shown herself to be.

FriedGoat2494d ago

I don't think calling her a whore is fair, and I think it makes it seem like your focusing on the right issue here.

This is meant to be about corruption in gaming journalism, the lengths publications will go to cover up the allegations (with evidence I might add).

How quick journalists were to jump on the "GAMERS ARE HORRIBLE, THEY'RE MISOGYNISTS" instead at looking at the issue from both sides.

FriedGoat2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I meant wrong issue, whoops. Insulting her doesn't get a point across, it just makes you sound nasty.

3-4-52494d ago


* If Person A, punches women in face in front of a group of men, he will get his Butt Whooped.

He would still be a Victim of a beating, but said beating would have been the reaction to his cause.

Cause & Effect.

* She wouldn't have people saying bad things about here, if she didn't go do those things.

* Example: Kim Kardashian doesn't want to be looked at as a whore, yet she got famous by putting out a sex tape, and then having her mother pimp out said sex tape.

* EX: If Derek Jeter today starts saying how much he HATES the Yankees, while still playing for them, He will get booed at home games, even though he is Derek Jeter.

It could have been an effect of what he did.

johndoe112112495d ago

She's both. The thing is she's a victim due to her villainy. In other words, she is reaping what she sowed.

Godmars2902495d ago

Would ask if an apparent pathological liar can be a victim, but then, the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

BABY-JEDI2494d ago

I don't think she read that story

002494d ago

she doxxed a charity and took them down because she wanted the money, she is a terrible human being.

Th4Freak2494d ago

To think that the whole think started because TheFineYoungCapitalist had a open policy about transexuals, yet Zoe didn't like, as a good feminist she thinks that transexuals are evil.

Grap2494d ago

All i know that she is a whore.

2494d ago
JC_Denton2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

This right here is the reason why people won't see what a horrible, manipulative, truly "bad" person Zoe Quinn is. There are still a vast majority of people who believe promiscuity is a bad thing that makes people bad people. Zoe Quinn is not an issue because she cheated on her boyfriend. What went on in the confines of Zoe's relationship is between her and the guy who started this whole thing. The fact that she used sex to further the agendas of herself and her various sexual partners is the problem.

Jdoki2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

...And that the 'recipients' appear to have given her favourable terms.

I couldn't care less either way if she slept around for favours - the indication that people who get paid to give impartial, honest, reviews / news were apparently swayed by this is what really shows how corrupt the industry is (as if we needed reminding).

VealParmHero2494d ago

and a scary looking one at that.

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