Developers Will Always Want More GPU Power, Freeing Up Xbox One GPU Resources Was A Sensible Move

Chris Doran, founder of Geomerics, appreciates Microsoft freeing up GPU resource for those games not using Kinect.

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ATi_Elite2494d ago

More GPU power means Devs will be LAZY and just dump stuff on the GPU instead of trying to optimize the game properly.

See any PC multiplat port for a PERFECT example of NOn optimization and just using the PC's brute force to make up for LAXY Development.

Current gameplay is NOT taxing these GPU's only their foolish pursuit of 1080p is.

jukins2494d ago

On the other hand is it worth the trouble or even possible to optimize when there could be millions of different pc builds?

lfc_4eva2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Lazy proof reading too ;-)

PC developers do not need to optimise for millions of different builds. They target a specific performance level for basic up to ultra type display levels. Plus they usually leave the optimising of the game down to the gamer. They can mess about with the settings and find the best setup for their own machines.

donthate2494d ago

Developers are made up of people, and people are employees, and employees are NOT free. Why would you want to raise the cost?

Optimization is necessary, but not to wring every ounce out. That is a huge waste of resources that could go towards making the game better in many other areas that pays much much much better than a few pixels improvement.

Fixation on graphics is unfortunate for the gaming industry.

cyclindk2494d ago

It IS sad, in an ideal world, there would be (though competition can be very beneficial for innovation and so forth) UNIFORM hardware and just developers whose software products perform on ALL platforms. Optimization has amazing benefits, but it is quite costly in many cases. I'm sure we will get there though, as cloud computing and streaming become the norm in the next 20 years hopefully, if internet speeds world-wide can be converted to fiber or FASTER!

Muzikguy2494d ago

Yet whenever people want to call devs lazy they get crapped on. I agree with you. Devs, in the general sense, ARE lazy. Not all of them of course. Publishers are even worse, but that's a whole different story

ATi_Elite2494d ago

The old "Optimize for the Million PC configurations out there"

You know I use to subscribe to this NONSENSE but now I sing a different tune.

the thing is with PC is the great change in tech. I think we went from Single core CPu's and one task GPU's to like 4,6,8 core CPu's and GPU's that do everything in like 6 years not to mention all the neat tools GPU's and CPu's now possess like GPGPU and Multi-threading.

AMD Nvidia and Intel even though different all are pretty much on the same page with the majority of tech.

Sure AMD lacks multi threading but that doesn't stop a Dev from making his program run evenly across 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 cores.

Before we get caught up in the Million AND Millions of PC configs I think we need to expedite Devs doing the Little stuff first because it's teh little things getting down that improves PC optimization.

I mean My Gaming Goodness it took Devs 4 years to learn to have games using multiple cores properly instead of just loading up one core while the other 1,3,5,7 have little to no usage.

....and don't even get me started on Multi-threading which Devs just to hold of last year.

its NOT so much the millions of configs anymore as it is Devs utilizing the HARDWARE properly.

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Codewow2494d ago

PC says, "Hello." PC gets no response. Developers no like PC.

Pandamobile2494d ago

Developers love PC, dude...

Codewow2493d ago

Yes, yes they do. To develop Xbox and Playstation games. :D

Codewow2493d ago

I'm only joking. Gotta waste my comment bubbles somehow.

KTF262494d ago

Reserving it was unreasonable

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