Tezuka officially confirms that you'll be able to share levels online in Mario Maker

NE: "Mario Maker allows users to create their own Mario stages, but it wouldn't be too much fun without the ability to share creations with others, right?"

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nX2494d ago

Wohoo, what a surprise!
It actually would've been sad if you couldn't, I wouldn't want to play my all levels all the time.

Neonridr2494d ago

yeah, I think the whole point of this game is it would have to be a community based game otherwise what would be the point.

That being said, really glad to hear that it is built around the online world, because unfortunately, knowing Nintendo lately, it wouldn't have shocked me for them to say that it was all local based instead..

wonderfulmonkeyman2494d ago

Good to see Nintendo using common sense with this title.

SeraphimNympho2494d ago

Hah yeah... just ask your friends for the 16 character code corresponding to the level they want to share with you.


In typical Nintendo fashion.

NegativeCreep4272494d ago

So it isn't really a Little Big Planet imitation after all?

iamnsuperman2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Except from the sounds of it they have a little issue. Apparently (according to various previous) the tools are quite limiting. There is logic to this as Nintendo don't want people making better levels than those in other 2D or any mario games. But they need to increase the tools and what they can do to make this successful. LBP3 on one platform, project spark on another. Both promoting high levels of customisation. If Nintendo want to be serious (and it could be a good cash cow) they need to offer more

Summons752494d ago

Let's bring up something Nintendo got rid of years ago so we can keep making up reason to hate Nintendo

In typical Troll fashion.

wonderfulmonkeyman2494d ago

It's for Wii U.
Wii U doesn't use friend codes.
Try harder.

jholden32492494d ago

Actually that's outdated information.

Wii U doesn't use friend codes and sharing is as easy as pressing the B button to download. Play Pushmo World, another Nintendo game centered on online sharing communities, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Not only that, they actually let you generate QR codes to share levels. You can scan it with your gamepad Camera or 3DS, or even scan right off the screen. It even lets you share between systems. For instance, I can create a level on Wii U, press B to generate a QR code, grab my 3DS and scan it into the game.

Nintendo isn't as archaic as a lot of people make them out to be. They're not perfect but they're a far cry from the company of 7th generation and times prior.

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2494d ago
Summons752494d ago

This is great but pretty obvious. I imagine that there will be a whole Miiverse integration, kinda like the Online Planet in LbP, where you post it online others can 'Yeah' it or write comments about it as well as share them. Nintendo has been awesome this gen with Online. The Tingle Bottles in Wind Waker are super addictive, Mario Kart TV is fun, The posts on SM3DW post level and the Miis hanging out around the world are fun. I can't see them not making this super addictive with Miiverse.

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