Zelda Wii U's open world won't be like the open worlds from other games

Producer Eiji Aonuma recently shared a cryptic teaser about the nature of Zelda Wii U's open world.

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weekev152495d ago

So cannot wait for this game.

3-4-52494d ago

I'm guessing this means there will be something unique about each area, instead of just a ton of open empty space.

Metallox2494d ago

I think it will be actual stuff to do, not just collectibles to get. Do you remember the many unworthy treasures you can collect in AC IV Black Flag?

That's your typical open world game nowadays, so I hope Aounuma is talking about that.

Chrischi19882494d ago

Or maybe it is an open world, but it is not open, as you got to do something, to be able to reach certain places. You know, like in OOT, where you needed Epona to jump over the broken bridge, to be able to enter the Area. So it is still one big map, but it is not as Open World, as many refer to, when they hear open world.

mrbojingles2495d ago

So it will be linear like recent 3D Zeldas then? I mean, Wind Waker was technically "Open world" too, all of them are they just section off stuff.

colonel1792494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

It'll be open world, but I guess they are saying it won't be like Skyrim or GTA. Might also mean that it won't be mission-based like most open-world games are.

guitarded772494d ago

It will probably require certain items to advance in certain locations. They said they're revisiting the conventions of the original TLZ. It was an open overword, but each dungeon required a new item. i expect this to be the same.

Eamon2494d ago

People forget about Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. Both were technically open sandboxes - just with some areas locked until you progress through the game.

Sly-Lupin2494d ago

Er, sorry, but no. They weren't sandbox games and they weren't open world games. Only the first Zelda game can really be called open world.

RAFFwaff2495d ago

Chill out. It was never going to be Skyrim, but you will be much more free to choose where you want to go and what quests you want to undertake.

Pozzle2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

That would be awesome. It sounds like it might be similar to the way Majora's Mask's sidequests were handled, but on a much MUCH larger scale.

Chrono2494d ago

Not really open world, or so said Miyamoto.

Chrischi19882494d ago

Doesnt matter, it will be a big world. If it loads different map sections or all in one big map is not really game defining, as many want to make it. If it is a great Zelda game, it is a great Zelda game, that wont change, even if it were not one big world.

tlougotg2494d ago

Vague @$$ Nintendo Smh always with their bs. Just like online won't be like it is on other systems we all know how tht turned out. Archaic online.

jholden32492494d ago

Now you're just being ignorant.

tlougotg2494d ago

Ignorant? they showed a demo of Zelda few years ago that i knew would look nothing like the final product and low and behold years later they confirmed it. Nintendo bs alot man sorry to say.

choujij2494d ago


Nintendo's been doing those types of show piece "demo" presentations for a while now. I remember when they first did it with GameCube, showing Link and Ganon duking it out.

deafdani2494d ago

And Nintendo NEVER claimed that demo was an actual Zelda game in development. They were pretty clear it was just a tech demo, made to showcase the Wii U's capabilities, nothing more, nothing less.

The only bullshit here is the one you're spewing, yourself.

BrandanT2494d ago

At least Nintendo never been hacked.

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