EA Games Flew Me to Germany and Let Me Drive Porsches

GeekParty's Josh Wirtanen writes: "If EA Games offered you a trip to Germany and an opportunity to drive Porsches on Porsche’s own test racetrack, would you turn them down?

I’m guessing most people won’t ever have to ask themselves that question. Weirdly, there was a point in my life where I actually did. And I said yes."

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_082495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I'm really sick of seeing porsche in every freaking NFS game that's released!
you got the crew, forza horizon 2, driveclub, and project CARS coming out,
and everyone i named, don't have porsche in it. Instead, there's RUF!
as long as EA is around, porsche will still be shackled to them.
Won't see be able see them in no other game than ******, boring NFS games.

dumahim2494d ago

Pretty sure EA has the exclusive rights for Porsche, so they're going to use it.
They've granted others the rights to use the cars as well, but EA gets paid.

ATi_Elite2495d ago

EA Games Flew Me to Germany and Let Me Drive Porsches

Wow how nice....could of sent to your local Porsche call dealership and let you drive some Porsche BUT hey Germany does have good beer and that autobahn thingy.

*actually been on the Autobahn.....Oh how glorious and better than USA raggedy highways!

DanielGearSolid2495d ago

I remember reading a story about how some journalists are spoiled now and demand freebies and special treatment at gaming conventions etc....

This article makes it easy to see why

700p2494d ago

you get disagrees for asking for a link LOL wow

dennett3162494d ago

Pretty good article...and I do like that the writer was self-aware enough to realise that this sort of trip for journos is a pretty big problem. And it is.

EA won't pressure people into being nice about their game, but they will make sure to treat the writers well, take them on an expensive trip and fill their heads with positive and fun memories. How can that positivity NOT affect the coverage of the game that least on a subconscious level?

Those sorts of trips really need to be stopped, the conflict of interest is far too great. Games reviews are supposed to be consumer advice first and foremost, and something like this that seeks to grease the wheels a little in return for more favourable coverage is pretty much contrary to our interests as consumers. It shouldn't be allowed, the whole industry needs to be closely regulated to stop this nonsense.

DJ2494d ago

Hmm. Lay off a hundred people at the studio that made the last Need for Speed game. To save enough money for expensive joy trips?

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