BioWare talks AI in 'Dragon Age: Inquisition': 'It's amazingly important'

Cameron Lee, who is a producer on Dragon Age: Inquisition, spoke about the things they needed to ask themselves when creating AI throughout the world.

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ATi_Elite2484d ago

yeh I'm pretty big on NPC A.I. and I still have NOT seen A.I. as good as Stalker COP but it's good to see Devs paying more attention to it.

if DA:I A.I. is as good as Stalker COP then DA:I will feel like a MMO instead of a SP game.

AgentSmithPS42483d ago

Yeah bad AI sucks and can annoy or remind you it's a game, and there are other things that can combine with AI to cause problems.

I like TLOUr and beat it twice but the friendly AI wouldn't GTFO of my way sometimes, and I'd lose a long perfect run etc. If they can't make the AI move/react faster then at least let the BIG MAN kind of grab the little girl and slide by her quickly instead of being stopped dead like she's a lineman.
Then during big NPC fights sometimes they'd stand around like an idiot and let the enemy get behind me and not even pretend to shoot at them or anything to warn you, then I'd die...

I think that even an ok fix for things like this is better than the frustration of losing through no fault of your own on hardest diff lvls.

anticlimax2483d ago

Single player RPG's feeling like MMO's is not a good thing.

I've not played a single MMO I liked as much as Origins, so if that's due to bad AI, please screw up the AI! (luckily it isn't because of the AI, but becuase of an engrossing story, memorable locations and decent combat mechanics).

ATi_Elite2483d ago

No thats not bad AI that's just a well made game.

STALKER was such open ended that it could be both. although a SP game the AI was so good that you found yourself competing with the NPCs for loot.

you would get into fire fights and late joiners to the party would begin to loot those you killed and run away.

even the animals got in on the act as there would be times I would stash a body only to have dogs drag it away while I was dealing with a mutant.

but no DA:o was just well made and geared towards SP.

STALKER allowed for both experiences in a SP mode package.

anticlimax2482d ago

As I said, it's not due to the AI, but to Origins being a great game. In just don't equate feeling like an MMO with the AI, and more with the lack of that engrossing storytelling experience.

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