Forza Horizon 2: Team Races Club Division Explained

Imagine that your Forza Horizon 2 Club decides to head into team racing and you come across a team smaller than your own. What happens? Does the game split up your Club despite the fact that you'll all be scoring points towards the same goal? Does the race go ahead unevenly, sacrificing fairness for overall scoring purposes? Thankfully, neither of these options are true, as explained by Ian Webster of Team 10 earlier today.

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SIMOIKIE2488d ago

Can't wait for clubs to open up! Going to be so much to do socially in the game to will be awesome. The achievements look pretty wide spread a lot to do!

3-4-52488d ago

1,000 racers in a club is awesome.

Can't wait to just cruise around, find some hidden cars, and do some drag racers and everything else.

* I love Forza 5, but a little more freedom of the open road is always a good thing.

mcstorm2488d ago

Wow this game is looking like it is going to take up a lot of my time can't wait to get it.

Mr Pumblechook2488d ago

This Drive Club feature reeks of feature creep.

Let me explain it for you, Phil Spencer saw that Sony were releasing a game with a 'Drive' Club so now Forza added a feature called a 'Race' Club. Now obviously developers copy ideas but if it is done mid-development then it might not be as well realised. Forza Horizon 2 does look like fun I just think this was added to be a bit keeping up with the Joneses.

OpieWinston2488d ago

Did you even play Forza Horizon 1?

Because the first Forza Horizon had Clubs, and that released in 2012.

Get off your fanboy horse and wake up.

And I don't know how you got "Phil Spencer" involved in what Playground games makes.
Forza Horizon 2 was built from the group with Clubs/Social aspects in mind.

ScorpiusX2488d ago

You have your info all backwards , Forza was the first to introduce the social features .

Dezmond2488d ago

There is a club feature in the first Horizon. It's called Car Club

2488d ago
GodGinrai2488d ago

@Mr Pumblechook - You have soooo much egg your face with that comment. seriously. try the first forza horizon...then play DC and tell us again, who is copying who.

Im sure DC will turn out fine, but you have your "facts" all wrong, mate.

christocolus2488d ago


You really have no idea what forza is about dude. Go read about forza horizon (the first game) on 360 or try it out at a friends place. After doing that you'll definitly see the flaw in your comment. If any game is copying the other it definitly aint forza horizon. Also what does Phil have to do with this?

Mr Pumblechook2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )


To truthfully answer your question, I haven't played Forza Horizon One. I didn't know it includes Drive Club style clubs. I stand corrected.

mcstorm2487d ago

@Mr Pumblechook I'm sorry where in my comment did I say anything about Driver Club? Wow what is it with fan boys on this site?

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tlougotg2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Driveclub will be the better racer with social integration that has been their focus all along and now Forza wants to make it a main point when it never was for them. Its like TR and UC, obviously TR was one of the games first in its genre but UC focused more and that cinematic, set piece, mp experience and now the so called father is trying to be like the son, Forza may have brought clubs (by the way they arent the first racer with clubs) but Driveclub hence the name has focused on it and it will be ten times better in that respect and now Forza is just harping on about it because of what Driveclub is focusing on.

GodGinrai2488d ago

"social integration that has been their focus all along and now Forza wants to make it a main point when it never was for them."

Somebody CLEARLY has never played a forza game. Your post is trumpeting features that are in DC that have been in the forza series from day one.

even before horizon, there was a very social community of painters, racers, drifters, tuning nuts (me), time attack addicts (me). there was already photo sharing, before it was even introduced to GT.thats before DC was even on the drawing board.

Out of curiousity...what specifically is DC doing with car clubs that forza has not already done? and what features does DC offer up in the face of FH2's newer features. What is your substitute for drivatars.. pre recorded ghost laps?
and then there is the lack of cars compared to forza...and when does DC get the weather patched in? What happens when you just want to cruise the open roads with your car club? can you do that in DC?

"now Forza is just harping on about it because of what Driveclub is focusing on."

In addition to having one of the best handling models in the genre, Forza has always had the social aspects at the center of its design. Go read some reviews about any forza game. Go play it. You will very quickly realise that you dont know what you are talking about.

Nothing against DC. but you're putting your high hopes on an unproven franchise from a dev that has never created a 5 star racing game, against forza a game with a proven track record in ALL the areas you mentioned in DC.

How about you just wait till the reviews come in for both before you get on your high horse. But right now forza is smelling of roses, baby...

tlougotg2488d ago

Once you said that Evolution doesnt have a proven track record (which i zoned into first) i didnt bother reading your wall of text "baby" lol

Dewitt2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Tlou, just going to go ahead and report you based on your blatantly trolling comments. Forza has always been about social features and as far as I know Motorstorm definitely wasn't.

GodGinrai2488d ago

Their WRC games on PS2 were not as good as the colin Mcrae games of the time. Maybe you forgot how much of a downgrade the first motorstorm was compared to its "ingame" trailer at the E3, that was announced at back when the PS3 was first shown ( I guess, you forgot about that one huh?) only to get greeted with a score of mediocre reviews. they average 70/80, 7/10 across most sites that reviewed, them.

So, no... They dont have the track record that T10 or PlaygroundGames..or even sony's own PD. Im not saying those were bad games. But I am saying they are not remembered as fondly as you would like to believe.

The fact is EVO dont have a driving to match the best efforts from T10 or PG. And T10/PG have been the most consistent, of any driving game studio, to date. there has never been a bad forza game. Even though F5 is probably the weakest link, it still spanks the pants off any any racer you can mention ( you might pull the "project cars" card..but you have not even played you cant vouch for it)

But hey...keep living in lala land,

tlougotg2488d ago


No one cares lol You take this too serious.

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PlayableGamez2488d ago

What are you talking about?

GodGinrai2488d ago

I dont know about you guys clubs... But I am one of the best dynamics (chassis) guys on forza. I roll with some real GOOD racers too. You guys are ALL in trouble! ;)

Just get used to looking at the back of my white RS200 with blue tiger stripe decals. Think Im gonna slap some VOLK TE37s on it this time. you might see it in the distance, way ahead of you. I hear the draw distance is really good in this game ;)

traumadisaster2488d ago

I rarely touch multiplayer but this is peaking my interest. Been playin the first one and is fantastic, funny how I get all wound up when a hidden car location is mentioned.