First Impression: NBA 2K15: Your Time Has Come - Yakkem

Calling all ballers, its about that time again as 2K Games slam dunks NBA 2K15 into the gaming stratosphere. From the latest Yakkem Trailer we get a glimpse of what to expect from 2K15 as some of our favorite teams and players go head to head in unparalleled gameplay on the court.

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brettjones4942485d ago

Boom shakala! That's always been the word thats stuck with me in Baskeball.
This looks tight. It feels like the gameplay might be a little more intense. Some of those face dunks look and sounds like it hurts.

alvinmiller922485d ago

LMAO. I remember that. Guess Yakkem is the new word now YAKKEM!

amyortega1312485d ago

2K always makes the best basketball games. Can't wait to see more gameplay.

JeffGUNZ2485d ago

I just hope they improved the voice acting. How horrible was it during your career mode you hear your player talk gangster and so stereotypical ghetto nonsense.

danniellelewis2485d ago

October 7th here we come. Probably the best Basketball franchise ever. Really like the addition of career mode last year. Hope to see what else they add to this.

henrythomas2842485d ago

They had to give the cover to kevin durant this year. The dude is a beast.

Castle3332485d ago

Khawi leonard is the true beast. Kevin has no rings.

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