Far Cry dev: “Video game villains lack power”

Far Cry creative director Alex Hutchinson has told ArabicGamers that video game villains “lack power” and it was his goal to try to create an emotional bond between villain and protagonist to redress the balance.

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mochachino2494d ago

I agree.

So few games get villains right. If you think of some of the best stories, they're great because the villain is as interesting as the main character, or in many cases more interesting. That's why so many of the old JRPG's and games like Batman had good stories, the villains were great.

I'd argue that Sephiroth made FF7s story so compelling at the time.

Roccetarius2494d ago

Letho from Witcher 2 may seem like a weak character, but he's actually pretty interesting when you look into it. It's probably one of the most well made characters.

ZainabSaccal2494d ago

I hope this character is not like Jason Brody

thetamer2494d ago

Villains are really bad, and he's hit the nail on the head in my opinion.

Emanno2494d ago

Far Cry 4 - Can't wait

BX812494d ago

Someone just pissed off the joker!

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The story is too old to be commented.