Some Stats You Should Know If You Play VideoGames

Gaming worm says:
As I play games you play games I think every friend of mine play video games So how many people on the entire globe play video games? Millions, Ten of millions or maybe even Billions?

Well according to the 2013 video games states industry report, There is 1.2 Billion people on this planet who play video games a day. And thats 17% of all the human being alive today. Do u know? If the nation of gamers get together then we would be the 2nd biggest country on the world.

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mochachino2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

You'd think with the average age of gamers being in the 30s for so long now that more games' stories and themes would be less similar to bad action movies.

Many still seems to cater to short attention spans or adolescent males.

Roccetarius2493d ago

I think it'll take more than a few years, before more games will stop treating people like children. That's another reason for why i like some developers more.

Maddens Raiders2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Yeah I figure 30s - 40s tbh. Been playing since Atari meself.

Anyway yeah you bring up a very good point I've been wondering for years now. That is when will devs begin to develop and market [in earnest] to the multitude of mature adult gamers who want more than the worn out template of hero-esque due bro protagonists and same old - same old run of the mill porcelain faced bouncy boobed heroines (not you tho Nariko lol)? Hey I love boobs, etc as much as anyone else but if a dev is featuring boobs swinging, whilst being married to a great and powerfully written story that is on par or even greater than the /swinging/ then that's great! Just not boobs for the sake of young boys saying "look at those boobies".

What I'm saying is there is a virtual and [real] goldmine for devs out there in the mature/adult market because this area is for the most part, completely UNTAPPED.

Look, I'm not naive to the fact that "kids" provide a never ending stream of new earthlings for devs, publishers, and marketers to sucker and hook but why do so at the expense of your oldest and thus far most loyal patrons of all time? I mean hell, I'll still be playing vidya games on my death bed in hospice if I'm so blessed.

"many still seems to cater to short attention spans or adolescent males"...

Indeed. Sad, but true.

ShaunCameron2493d ago

That's because many still love action as Action is still the most popular of "core" genres judging by the sales charts despite not being known for story or even overall length.

mochachino2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Not saying get rid of the action in gameplay, just make better stories and characters and try to address more themes than "your the ultimate soldier/warrior". And if your going to be the ultimate soldier, make it believable and make your motivations for doing what your doing clear.

If people want military shooters, fine, but try an convey some fear, loss, friendship, brutality, and unavoidable evils of war. Games are so unique in that they're the only medium where the users directly interact with what's going on on screen. They're so much potential for greater immersion in the story because of gameplay. Let me know what it's like to be a soldier in the military not an action hero for a change. I could be the best soldier fine but I've been an invincible action hero who mows down millions of enemies with ease a thousand times already. Every games I have 3 buddies, with me being an unstoppable force and we apparently developed this incredible bond sometime before the game. I don't know why were so close, or why I'm the greatest soldier to every live but one or two will die in the end and I won't really care cause I save the world from certain destruction.

The constant repeat of the adolescent invincible hero fantasy is getting old.

Characters and worlds don't even need to be rooted in reality at all, they just need to be believable. My point is when the characters and story have so much fluff with no real development and are so one dimensional that it's harder for adult gamers to suspend their disbelief enough to immerse themselves in the character and game world.

The Last of Us was probably so well regarded because the characters felt real, the world felt real...Despite being some far out apocalypse scenario, the game was crafted well enough to allow people to suspend their disbelief.

I think as people's imagination change with age it becomes harder to "get into" the world and characters in most games, as however fun the gameplay is, everything and everyone else just seem so forgettable.

Lou Ferrigno2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Yea but have you seen adults play games on "live with playstation" or twitch?.. they may be adults and "mature", but that doesnt deter from their short attention spans..

I've been on this earth since the 80's and i have a pretty short attention span too, part of it has to do with how the world and technology is growing around us..everything is becoming easier,quicker,accessible (i.e mobile gaming) etc etc ...

not arguing your main point, just letting you know that short attention spans and the whole "children" statement is not restricted to a certain age..

I am glad to see that more women are taking an interest in gaming allthough i would LOVE to see how much of the female population is playing hardcore games and not casual/mobile/social games.. because most (not all) of the female "gamers" i talk too, game on mobile ..meh lol

mochachino2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I said "or". Regardless of age, people are capable of appreciating and paying attention to a good story and interesting characters.

Just tired of the same invulnerable hero fantasy without any real depth to anything aside from gameplay...on occasion.