Sony acknowledges 'minor network connectivity issues' across PSN and SEN

Sony has confirmed they are experiencing "minor network connectivity issues" across PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Networks. "We're looking into this, thanks for your patience," PlayStation said in a brief update."

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Mikelarry2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

these kids are at it again.

Masterh0ppa2484d ago

jesus sony.. com'n again? fix your damn network properly and infest some of that money in it. paupers

kreate2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

but its not just sony though. blizzard is having network issues as well. and it saids its due to ddos attacks on the authentication page.
xbox live is having issues too.
everyone is having issues.

it was on the morning news. psn and xbox live is what came out from the kcal 9, fox, and ktla.

although other games are havng issues but the news reported specifically psn and xbox live along with the hackers. while talking about the soe president, that white bald guy, his flight got re-routed or landed due to hackers messing with the airlines or some crap like that.

Funantic12484d ago

Xbox Live has issues? Where? I can't tell. I just played a few rounds of COD and stopped to check the internet on my phone since I was losing. Xbox Live is working like normal here. Hey it's Xbox Live what else do you expect?

Lord_Sloth2484d ago

^ Doesn't understand what a DDoS attack does.

kreate2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )


yea I also have xbox live (gold). it doesn't have any problems at present time.


u are correct, I do not understand hacks or what a ddos even is. but that's what blizzard said on their page. so does blizzard doesn't know what a ddos attack is?

' game services have been subject to intermittent ddos attacks'

also, im just relaying a message that was reported on national news. it also mentioned that no personal information has been compromised.

do u know what it does without doing some google search?

*the news was reported yesterday early morning while I was eating breakfast. ktla and kcal9.

LordMaim2484d ago

@Funatic1: At the time of this posting Xbox Live is being messed with as well.

Tired of pseudoanarchists who need to destroy something to feel better about themselves.

ocelot072484d ago

PSN working here for me and has all day. Been on Final Fantasy and Last of Us MP most of the day. Friends are still online.

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ProSid2484d ago

God man, these guys dont deserve to live. Damn trash of the world.

user74029312484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

says this guy...Masterh0ppa

jesus sony.. com'n again? fix your damn network properly and
infest some of that money in it. paupers #2
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it's not micrsoft servers that is the issue here... blizzard their servers beeing attacked.. #6.4.1
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purely blizzard servers.. nothing to do with xbox live.. get your facts straight before posting nonsens. #1.3.1
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edit 2: how masterhoppa conducts arguments:

bla bla pimpelboy.. it's all facts.. sony is just freaking pathetic with this shit.. fix it alrdy.

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tlougotg2484d ago

Yeah Masterhoppa is either a Micro employee or a little 13 year old, Halo, Micro worshipper that knows nothing.

isa_scout2484d ago

Bunch of no name hackers. Hope they find each and every one of them, and charge them with terrorism. This is ridiculous.

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