Hook, line and sinker: The Sony experience

Dave Wales: ""I think we can all agree that Sony's PlayStation has brought a lot of diverse people together under one roof in order to enjoy every aspect of gaming together. Whether it was your friends coming over to check out the new JetMoto game on the PlayStation or you were logging online for the very first time with Socom via your PlayStation 2, Sony has helped bring an industry together and push it towards the next level of entertainment. It comes as a shock to know that there was a time where the PlayStation would have never touched base had it not been for Nintendo's decision to jump ship (older gamers will understand) and I thank them for that.

I started thinking the other day about what brought us all to this point. How has Sony's gaming console altered your life in terms of the way you pass the time and ultimately the reasoning we're all here reading this very feature today. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to find out the answer to that very question by asking some of my fellow readers and forum members how they got hooked on the Sony PlayStation brand. These are their stories:

"I got hooked when I first played Final Fantasy 7 for the original PlayStation. Firstly, the main character Cloud swung a sword that weighed as much as Barrett on a good day drinking at Tifa's Seventh Heaven Bar. I fell in love with this character as well as the whole gang.

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crazy250003779d ago

Thats exactly what got me started on the playstation. That game was epic and beating the game with several friends was awesome.