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PlayStation has Twice the Number of Indie Developers Than Xbox

Last week, the [email protected] blog released a post regarding their indie games shown at Xbox’s Gamescom conference. An interesting piece of information they revealed was that there are currently more than 500 indie devs building games for Xbox One – the last known number of indie developers on the PlayStation 4 is over 1000.

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Community2530d ago
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migh_and_highty2530d ago

Great work from both teams, I just wish every fudging indie game didn't have to come with a timed exclusivity. I mean, I think Guacamelee: STCE is the only indie game that hasnt exclusivley released on ps4/xbone.

Anyway, I'm most excited for No Mans Sky. Looks amazing.

Servbot2530d ago

Indie development teams are usually very small and only have the resources to develop for one platform at a time.

denawayne2530d ago

And Microsoft has twice the amount of money than Sony

chrismichaels042530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

It's great to see Sony and Microsoft giving so much strong support to indie studios. As much as some Xbox fans used to love bragging about XBL indie arcades last gen on the's disappointing and very sad to see those same xbox fans now bashing indie games this gen, simply because more of them are on PS4.

Even Phil Spencer admitted they needed to build stronger indie support and I'm glad to see Xbox working hard to regain the trust of indie studios. I guarantee if one day Xbox reaches as much indie support as PS4, all the indie bashing from the Xbox community will stop. Then everyone can just go back to enjoying good games.

redwin2530d ago

I wouldn't brag about having so many indie games being developed this early, I'm actually glad that MS won't flod the systems with all those indie games. There is a point that it is better being selective .

Deividas2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )


And exactly what is the downfall of having a lot of different kind of games on a platform exactly?...You do realize no one is forced in buying any of these games, but I sure as hell like having that option...and a lot of choices, especially this early on in a new gen is a great thing.

Literally bashing a gaming console for having too many games....its a new low.

Why o why2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Only a utter plum would laud the money they never touch. The type that's ok to have a 3+ year drought on games as long as the console maker who's meant to be providing those games rakes it in. . What sheep. This gen is going to be hard for those guys. .

migh_and_highty2530d ago

Yeah I get that, and its fine if the smaller teams do release on one console at a time, but it seems like every indie almost has to make a timed exclusive deal with MS or Sony

redwin2530d ago

@deividas, I rather have a selected 200 indie than all 1000 of them. I guess you rather have the 1000 indie because of the lack of AAA this December. not like there is anything wrong with that, ho, btw, destiny looks great but if you have both systems like I do it would be safer getting it for MS because sony,s online infrastructure is very vulnerable

Deividas2530d ago


Haha your numbers are just absolutely absurd. Clearly there are just a selected number of indies but just a lot more than MS has, and thats not even at all a problem. And I do have both consoles actually, and i really do wish there were more indies and smaller games on Xbox One cause then i would be using it more. Cause right now its being used for me to watch Twitch while i play my PS4.

And you do realize that a DDOS attack can happen to anyone...Their Online infrastructure is fine.

redwin2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

@deividas, they did attack MS, didn't you notice?. At least you are getting some use out of your system. I just have TLOU and assassin's creed for my ps4. I guess it's a matter of preference, you have both and you are making correct choices then, my apologies. Btw, Bloodbourne looks great, I'm incline to get that instead of 1886 (I think that's the tittle). What do you think?

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jukins2530d ago

They really have no choice as the above poster said. The console, while similar, are different enough to cause top many issues with a small team leading to sloppy programming or just super long dev times which definitely doesn't benefit indie devs or any dev for that matter.

LAWSON722530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

To be fair a lot of indie devs only got so many resources.

Rockefellow2530d ago

It's not like Guacamelee is a fair comparison anyway, what with the original version being PlayStation exclusive for quite a while. This is just playing catch-up.

700p2530d ago

Its funny how people are acting like indies matter. They dont. Most indies are crap. lmao

reko2530d ago

@720p aka 700

Give me games, oh wait don't have any lol

DefenderOfDoom22530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Well, 2 of my friends, ran out and bought a PS4 last week, just to play the new MADDEN 15 . Truth is, whether you like it or not , 2K NBA 15 , NHL15 , MADDEN 15 and FIFA 15 will sell more 8th gen consoles than all the indie games on the PS4 and XBOX1 combined ! But, i am excited to play some of these indie games , when i buy my 8th gen console !

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Lenrulesdaworld2530d ago

This isn't new news but ok, lets go with it. Congrats sony & microsoft for making indies have a second home & for some a 1st home on consoles. Big shout to sony for opening up public housing for another 500 indies or more.

No get more cops/cyber security on the street.

BigShotSmoov0072530d ago

I think we all know that already. MS just started to really rollout indie games so we can figure out that Sony has more right now. How is this even news?

Death2530d ago

Microsoft welcomed indie devs on the 360 with XNA and Indie market place on Live. It's not new to the PS4 or Xbox One.

I'm not a huge fan of indies on game consoles. On my phone, I don't mind and enjoy them. On a console they don't use the available resources and for the most part are shovelware to make a quick buck. I don't get the point of promoting homebrew games like this. If anything the lower restrictions are being exploited by devs to maximize profits while going backwards with game development instead of moving forward.

I'm amazed at how many have jumped on the homebrew grass roots movement claiming this to take gaming forward. It's a huge step back and only being done because it offers a much lower risk than proper console game development.

Why o why2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Nah death....think of it as trees branches growing... not all will bare fruit but you get more chances with every additional branch.

Todays indie could potentially be tomorrows big dev houses. If its easier to get into the industry through a less risky path then more may try their hand. If the efforts are sub standard then they wont sell and in theory, trying again wont be as expensive. Too many gem games are indie for the 'taking the industry backwards' card to be thrown down. Live and let live I say. Some people are almost downplaying their worth because of sonys stance this gen. Madness

DanzoSAMA2530d ago ShowReplies(9)
Convas2530d ago

It was something like 4 times the amount of developers on PlayStation than on Xbox the last time we had these figures so things are improving at a steady pace I'd say.