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"When we first meet Abigail “Fetch” Walker in Infamous Second Son, she appears to be a psycho stalker obsessed with a man named Brent. She built an elaborate shine honoring him, complete with his name written dozens of times on the walls and photographs of him on a candlelit alter. When Delsin Rowe confronts Fetch, we learn that her connection to Brent is much darker and more heartfelt than that of a crazed voyeur. "

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DaMist2484d ago

I'll be playing this when I get off work today! And to celebrate I uploaded a video for my Infamous:second son epic rap!

ABizzel12484d ago

I honestly think I'd prefer inFamous as a episodic series 3 - 4 hours, rather than a full game. I don't know it just seems better suited for that style of game, and could be the gaming version of a TV series like Heroes (1st and 2nd season only).

For me personally these spin-offs are the perfect amount of time with the game, and since it's so condensed it's good the entire 4 hours through, rather than repeating the same mission.

I think Sucker Punch should work on a New, but similar IP (they have that formula down, but they need to go overboard with everything), and move inFamous into that direction.

I know many will disagree, but that's just how I feel.

colonel1792484d ago

When I played inFamous Second Son, I thought it was a solid 8. Then I went to Meteoritic and it was an 8 for both critics and user scores. It's nice that First Light is also an 8.

snookiegamer2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Can't wait for First Light. Ironic that I'm an American studying in London, England, so I'm wait until September 12th to play it.

Sept. 12th? ...I know what some of you are thinking, but I want the Retail Blu Ray Version for EU only. But what's with the US/EU (Retail/Digital) release dates, why the few days delay?

An 8 is a nice score... BTW sucky Gamespot gave this a (WTF!!) 6/10, and IGN a more reasonable 7.5 if anyone gives a hoot ;/

SoapShoes2484d ago

That's only for the retail version, the PSN version comes tomorrow in Europe.

DigitalRaptor2484d ago

I could download the game digitally, but i'm also getting the physical Blu-ray.

Just feels good man.

Killzoner992483d ago

Great review but this deserves at least a 9. The games unreal.