Kickstarter Weekly: Script Kiddies, Ray’s the Dead, and A Rite from the Stars

Garrett from The Koalition writes:

With an endless supply of similar looking games on Kickstarter, projects have a difficult time standing out. While many developers can still manage to entice backers with visual styles that, while conventional, are skillfully rendered, the games themselves may lack personality. That’s why I’ve decided to look for Kickstarter projects that are brimming with personality, even if they’re not much different aesthetically from their competition. Script Kiddies shows us what programming culture is like through retro lenses. Ray’s the Dead creates a convincing argument that it’s better to be on the side the undead in a zombie apocalypse. And A Rite of the Stars shows us the evolution of the point-and-click genre through the theme of rite of passage. Which game do you find to be the most charismatic?

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SwiffEpics2484d ago

This looks like a hell of a cool game right here. I like stuff that breaks the fourth wall.

garrettglass2484d ago

I assume you're referring to Script Kiddies? Because that game looks hilarious.