Retailer GAME Begins A Ubisoft Deal Week With Watch Dogs as the First Game on Sale

Retailer GAME has started a new sale week that specifically centres on developer and publisher Ubisoft, with the first title none other than the company’s IP from 2014, Watch Dogs.

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I wanted Watch Dogs to be more entertaining but sadly this wasn't the case for me personally

Geekman1934d ago

Watch Dogs gets alot of bad rep, but no game is as bad as people make it seem, and Watch Dogs is no exception. I'd buy it for a sale, but if it's still too expensive for you, wait for Watch Dogs 2. Ubisoft sequels have historically been better than new IPs.

Volkama1934d ago

I picked it up the other day. PC digital download, £8.01. Even if it isn't everything it was cracked up to be, it is surely good enough for £8.01.

£8.02 though, I would probably have sent the vendor an abusive email for the audacity of such a price.