But Team Meat “f---ing hate” the App Store

This article at grab it discusses the strange goings on at Team Meat, with the seemingly fake game announcement and past public attacks on Apple.

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SlappingOysters2484d ago

The trailer for the new game makes no sense at all. I say conspiracy.

shipnabottle2484d ago

I think the title of "indie darlings" has gone to Team Meat's heads.

I wonder if Mew-Genics is even an actual thing at all? Maybe Team Meat are just trolling iOS gamers with all this stuff.

Which would be a pity because iOS gamers are not just strictly iOS gamers, they are also console and PC gamers so in effect Team Meat are only disrespecting their own customers, and also potential customers with all their jackassery.

At the moment Team Meat are one-hit wonders.

SlappingOysters2483d ago

That's a pretty interesting point actually. Especially given there is no second game to really justify their status. First one was good though.

CoyoteHunter2483d ago

Have to agree with you on this one. I honestly find these guys pretty arrogant and so I'm not willing to support their work at this stage. That and I find some of their work pretty distasteful.

Solidbrod2483d ago

It's been way too long between games for Team Meat to be messing with consumers like this. I hope for their sake that whatever it is pays off at PAX. But I think a lot of people are intrigued by A Voyeur for September. If Team Meat turns around and shoots down a unique and compelling idea in favour for something else, I don't think it will sit well with fans who have already been fed a bunch of empty promises.

If it IS a joke, Team Meat might be the only ones enjoying it.

Cookiebex2483d ago

Haters always gonna be haters. In a progressive industry like gaming, I think you shoot yourself in the foot if you don't appreciate all genres for what they are. The fact is, mobile gaming is here, the next generation are happy with it. If you don't jump on, you will be left behind in your rocking chair reminiscing about when people gave a sh*t about you.

SlappingOysters2483d ago

While I do agree with what you're saying, I also agree that the App Store is a bit broken and the way Apple treats it, even more so.

LAWSON722483d ago

If by sitting in that rocking chair means playing 8 generations of consoles with great catalogs of games, then have fun with mobile games I will live in the past.

XtraTrstrL2483d ago

I can't wait for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on PS4 by Edmund McMillen of Team Meat.

Spacemagic2483d ago

Yeah Edmund is awesome, he is currently working with Nicalis on getting Isaac:rebirth out, which is my most anticipated game this year, it's not like Team Meat are slackers...IT'S TWO GUYS!!