Capcom Suing Koei Tecmo For Patent Infringement

"Earlier this month, we heard that SNK filed a criminal lawsuit against Square Enix for violating copyright infringement laws, and now, it looks like Capcom are suing Koei Tecmo for patent infringement, according to a report by Sankei."

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vishmarx2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

for $10 million.

eh.. how youve sunk from the top 5 devs in ps2 era to this.

guess that means dragons dogma 2 aint coming an time soon

zeal0us2495d ago

I have to agree Capcom has sunken. Majority if not all of their games has yet to catch my interest.

"According to the lawsuit, Capcom filed a patent back in 2002 that involves a function that lets you acquire new content by combining an existing game with another piece of software."

I wonder will Capcom sue the whole industry because that's how a lot of games work nowadays.

Cryptcuzz2494d ago

Pretty dumb reason to be suing in the first place right? If they do have legal rights, by all means go for it (since it seems like they need the money) but practices (especially for reasons like this) will only hurt the industry and their public image even more.

Chrono2494d ago

Koei should also sue them because Sengoku Basara is copying too much from Dynasty/Samurai Warriors.

paradigmfellow2494d ago

They can't. The stories come from Japanese and Chinese history and myth. Which is common knowledge for everyone's use.

chrissx2494d ago

Capcom are but a shell of their former selves. Still existing on past glory

Mikefizzled2494d ago

Most of the Japanese studios are. Look at Sega and Konami. Sega getting by on Pachinko machines and Konami getting by heavily on Metal.

Inception2494d ago

Not most imho. If we're looking at SE, Capcom, Konami, or Sega than yes they are the shell of their former selves.

But if we're talking about Atlus, NIS, Falcom, Koei-Tecmo-Gust, Arc System Works, Namco, From Soft, Nintendo, SCE Japan, Level 5, or Vanillaware than no. Those companies still made high quality games just like the old days.

In fact, a couple of 'newcomer' like Spike Chunsoft, P* Games, Silicon Studio, Q-Games, or Comcept made some interesting output that made me thinks japanese devs still have a lot of potential to dominate the gaming industry again.

XtraTrstrL2494d ago

LOL, these are such lame type of copyrights to begin with. Poor little Crapcom, what has become of you? Maybe that 10 mill will budget a few of your next straight-to-android games.

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