Activision CEO: 'You can't count Nintendo out for long-term'

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg shared his thoughts with Examiner regarding Nintendo's current situation.

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reddevilandy102495d ago

He's got a point. Nintendo's consoles do have some shockingly fun games compared to Sony and Microsoft.

MSBAUSTX2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

They really do man. I find it really hard to not have fun with a nintendo console in the house.

WeAreLegion2494d ago

They have been in the past. I feel they're lacking this generation on the fun factor. That'll change with Splatoon and Yoshi's Whooly World though. Both are going to be amazing!

higgins782494d ago

Dont be soft. This generation is just another in a long, long line of examples that Nintendo never lack fun, innovation and gameplay. It is Sony and Microsoft who we have playing things very safe and generic, sure, thats always going to play to the COD/GTA crowd but dont call it creative.

WeAreLegion2494d ago

First off... What?

Secondly, Sony and Microsoft are doing just fine in that category. inFamous: Second Son is tons of fun! First Light just came out today! Sunset Overdrive, LittleBigPlanet 3, and Project Spark all come out this holiday season, too. Those are three of the most creative games in years!

I just downloaded The Last Tinker this week for PS4. Holy crap! Have you seen that game? You've never seen such vibrant colors! It's addicting. It's cute. It's fun!

Blue Estate, Entwined, Sportsfriends, Resogun, Escape Plan, Hohokum, and many other indies keep it fresh, as well.

I enjoy many of the games on my Wii U, but saying Sony and Microsoft don't put out games just as fun and creative as what Nintendo is putting out is a blatant lie.

TongkatAli2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Let's play a game Higgins name five games from Nintendo that are a "breath of fresh air" without using the word Mario. I'll name for Sony, since all they make is cod games to you.


All these games use rehashed character's, no they don't, huh ? You said only Nintendo makes games that are a "breath of fresh air", prove it. If it's true it would be very easy for you drop names.

Another rule, list games I can play now on the Wii U, not crystal ball games coming soon.

Chrischi19882494d ago

Why not use Mario? Because you know you would lose that debate.

I hate this hater logic, that people try to make it seem like, because of Mario in the game or in the title, it is a Mario Jump and Run. Sorry to tell ya, they are not.

What is the big deal about Mario? Nintendo likes to create games, which are based on sports and add their flavour to it and to make it ageless, they use their mascots. The actual problem here is, that Sony or MS dont have these ageless characters, they can use in such games.

Smash Bros and Mario 3D World have only one thing in common, that you can play as Mario, buuhh huhh, like that makes Smash Bros to a Jump and Run^^ It is such a faulty logic. They make gameplay driven games and use their mascot for it. If they would make a story driven game and always use the same character, that would be a different story, but give me on good explaination, why they should not use Mario in Mario Smash Football for example? Only haters come with that dumb logic. Yes Mario is in many games, but how many are the same games? Is Mario Kart the same as Smash Bros? It just makes no sense and you guys really are not able to see, what kind of games Nintendo makes and seem to not understand that there it is ok to use the mascots. Go somewhere else with that faulty logic. Yes we get it, you dont like Mario, but to act they are all the same, just shows you never played them, but like to talk shit about them.

deafdani2494d ago


You want to "play a game", yet you put the condition that the games we list must be Wii U games available right now? Ok, first, let's look at your list, then:

- Hohokum: multiplatform game, available for PS4, PS3 and Vita.
- Tearaway: available only on Vita. It isn't out for PS4 yet, so it doesn't count.
- Journey: old PS3 game, ported to PS4.
- Rain: PS3 game, not available on PS4 (as far as I know).
- Puppeteer: PS3 game, not available on PS4 (as far as I know).

So... hypocrite much?

Also, dismissing Nintendo games just because they have Mario on it means you're conveniently ignoring the fact that many of these games introduce new gameplay elements that make them feel fresh, just for the sake of convenience in favor of your so called "argument". Not to mention that the various "Mario" games in existence play pretty differently from each other, because they are all from different gaming genres. But sure, let's ignore that and throw them all in the same sack.

Get serious, or get out of here.

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700p2494d ago

Its true. Glad that the ativision ceo is smart.

Retroman2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

@ reddevil above

U have a point too. compare all open world games Nintendo is the BEST by far . i mean how long can you play open world games without getting bored?? with same format no matter what the title is- is same game. don't matter if it's Call of duty or up coming Destiny to Halo or "KRANG the Destroyer" (made up title ) same BORING format. (OPEN WORLD)

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wonderfulmonkeyman2494d ago

I wish Activision would follow this statement with some evidence that they'll be supporting their wii u games better than they have been.
I might still bee playing Ghosts and Black Ops 2 on wii u if they had shown that I could trust them to deliver content parity.

MSBAUSTX2494d ago

I agree completely. I still fire up BO2 every now and then though. I did like that game. But the lack of support is staggering. At least we got that new map for it.

Chrischi19882494d ago

I liked CoD Ghost, especially the Extinction mode, but Wii U owners only got the initial map, not even a 2nd one... How many are on PS4s CoD Ghost now? Then some ask, why the games dont sell on Wii U^^

Nobody would buy them this way and only a hater act like they still would and its the fanbases fault^^

TongkatAli2494d ago

Yet they're supporting the X-box One more, huh. Where is the new COD on it ? For the "long term" so wouldn't you have your newest products on it because you know later down the road it will pick up again ?

Something is Phil Fishy about this.

wonderfulmonkeyman2494d ago

I honestly think Activision would get more sales out of the Nintendo crowd by making a new, unique, exclusive shooter for the system, rather than relying upon CoD, which gamers are trained by now to purchase on non-Nintendo's systems.
Cater to the fanbase directly instead of relying on a game made to cater to every console except Nintendo consoles, and you'll fare better in the long run.

Summons752494d ago

New and Unique...Sir you do realize this is Activision we speak of, they Dont know the definition of new or unique. That doesn't mean you are wrong.

Summons752494d ago

If that was true you would release games on the either you are talking BS to cover yourself or you are hypocrites, confiding you are Activision I'll go with both.