Is This The Worst Pre-Order Bonus Ever?

NowGamer: "Ubisoft has coughed up what might be the worst pre-order bonus of all time.

Check out this pre-order bonus for Assassin's Creed: Unity…"

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kevco331931d ago

You have misunderstood.

American pre-order. Pants = trousers in America.

ThatOneGuyThere1929d ago

not sure how he misunderstood

mikeslemonade1929d ago

It's called a bonus. They don't have to give you anything when you preorder other than ensuring a better chance that you get the game.0

CKPan1928d ago

which game you can't without pre-order??

geddesmond1928d ago


Only limited editions of games are pre ordered to ensure you get one. Pre ordering helps these companies out more than you think so people who pre order should be rewarded. Actually I think first month buyers of a game should be rewarded considering all bugs and network issues come with most games and that first month buyers pay full price.

LAWSON721929d ago

You mean trousers equals pants in America? No one I know says trousers

sonarus1929d ago

yea but exclusive pants exclusive trousers still sounds dumb to me regardless what its called.

SilentNegotiator1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I'm guessing that kevco33 was assuming that the author was British and thought that the exclusive was underwear that made you faster.

But I think it's pretty clear that the author thinks that pants/trousers are a stupid preorder bonus.

For a real example of confusion over pants/trousers, a funny one, I once read a comment on Youtube (or a forum post or something, IDK, it was a long time ago) that a British kid was confused when he saw this back in the day:
lol, because if she meant pants the way the Brits say it...

spacedelete1929d ago Show
wsoutlaw871928d ago

Ha that would be funny if the preorder was for underpants. But cloth items are nothing new to preorders

ThatOneGuyThere1928d ago

when you get married, you have exclusive trousers.

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medman1929d ago

I always thought not wearing pants made you faster. I'm positive that not wearing pants makes you more dangerous. That should be the promotion...the no pants Assassin.

err0neus001929d ago

No running with no pants definitely dies not make you faster. Your testicles best into your stomach and the pain slows you down. And it creates more drag.

dredgewalker1929d ago

I actually think wearing no pants makes you a lot sneakier than faster.

Ddavis5131928d ago

Yea no pants definitely makes you faster. Then you can also hit the NOS bottle aka Fart and you'll go faster. Without the pants the fart should propel you forward at warp speed.

mrmack001928d ago

No pants definitely makes you more dangerous because, Hey, who wants to fight a guy without pants on?

Not me.

ThatOneGuyThere1928d ago

ball drag is no laughing matter.



Actually, lost of people want to do just that... They even made a sport out of it, it's called UFC! LOL

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weekev151929d ago

I think if they were actually giving you a pair of trousers that be cool. But in game trousers for extra speed is dumb and not really worth the 30 minutes of development time IMO.

ITPython1929d ago

I am glad the pre-order bonuses are generally pretty weak, pre-orders are completely useless nowadays and last thing we need is to be locked into one supplier because the "bonus" being offering is absolutely game changing in a huge way.

Gh05t1928d ago

Until they make the release the Pantaloons of Increased speed I don't want them... who wants plain old pants.

JeffGUNZ1928d ago

Does anyone know if they are Levi's?

ChronoJoe1928d ago

Ooooh it's all okay then, because he means trousers, not pants!

Seriously, what difference does it make? It's a superfluous addition. A crappy pre-order bonus.

Not that pre-order bonuses should be substantial, though. Everyone should get the same content.

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Lubu1929d ago

Amazon's preorder bonus for Sonic: Lost World was worse of a bonus. 25 extra lives, smh

TheWackyMan1929d ago

Call of Duty day zero thing is just as bad as that in my opinion.

Brix901928d ago

Getting a day before release date and Double Xp is bad for a Pre-Order? Ok lol...

Yeah that's bad /s

SilentNegotiator1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The lives system....what year was last year? Do Wii U's accept quarters?

ThatOneGuyThere1928d ago

i like the lives system. its way better than this pansy sh*t we've been subject to for the past 10+ years.

Jaqen_Hghar1928d ago

A man agrees. Lives is an archaic method that doesn't make the game any harder (it's usually for 1 hit kill games anyway) and just artificially extends the life of the game. Rayman has it right with unlimited lives but just as much challenge so you're always progressing yet challenged

ArnoDorian1929d ago

Just a reminder everything is changed in AC U, every clothing item, weapons, everything has Stats. So each clothing will depend on Arno's movement and speed and weapons will depend on Arno's attack strength with that weapon and other stuff.

SkippyPaccino1929d ago


Boourns! I'm not feeling this year's Assassin's Creed except for the fact that it's in France and city is looking beautiful. I'll eventually pick it up when it drops to 30$. That's my sweet spot for how I'm feeling about it.

EdoubleD1929d ago

Boats don't belong in AC, but they were so good.
Hopefully Ubisoft can make a pirate IP.

HaveAsandwich1929d ago

that pre-order bonus is pants.

TheFutureIsBlue1929d ago

Lol first thing that came to mind when I realized what the pre-order was.

BiggCMan1929d ago


MoB211929d ago

i guess the author hasnt seen the preorder bonus for 2k15

Ace Killa 081928d ago

It is...

5,000 Virtual Currency
Kevin Durant Throwback MyTEAM Card
Two MyTEAM Card Packs
MyPLAYER leg sleeves, inspired by Kevin Durant