Diablo Hits the Same Buttons as Dynasty Warriors

Mikael Von Stroot for Fully 'Avin It writes: Sometimes it’s nice to step out of your comfort level when it comes to gaming. There are always certain genres that you never imagine yourself playing for one reason or another but that time that you do take a risk on a game that you might not always think is to your taste you can be pleasantly surprised. I tried the Diablo 3 demo back when it was released for the last generation of consoles and I really didn’t like it at all. As soon as I saw all the different stats flying about it instantly turned me off even though the controls were a lot better than I thought they would be considering it’s something that had come over from the PC.

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xtheblackparade2484d ago

Diablo also uses Dualshock3? My god.

joeydale132484d ago

It actually feels really nice. I've never played the PC version so can't compare the two but the controls seem to work really well.

MrAnthonyDR2484d ago

Diablo just feels like that weird corner of the gaming world that I don't understand. I can sympathize with this.