Gun Metal PS3, Up Close and Personal.. Overrated? You be the judge

Here is a look at the Gun Metal PS3 Limited Edition Un-boxed up Close & Personal. It arrived today, and I -(as in Crazyglues from tried to take some really up close and clear Pictures to give people a better look at it.

From what I can tell it is in no-way shape or form Metal of any type. In-stead it seems to be a normal 40gig sprayed Gray. does not weigh more and feels in no way any different from a black PS3's plastic.

(Of Course this is my own personal opinion but hopefully the Pictures help you to judge for your self.)


The thread was locked but you can still see the pictures here by clicking on the story images tab Above..

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Dir_en_grey3805d ago

I'll trade you my 60 gig for it =P

Crazyglues3805d ago

I would almost take that deal if your PS3 60gig was brand new and still in the box? ...LoL

v1c1ous3805d ago

if it still works and is in decent condition?

Marceles3805d ago

Don't forget 60gb has the best backwards compatibility also...I wouldn't trade my 60gb for any other SKU

Sheddi3805d ago

My 60gb that i bought is used.

MikeGdaGod3805d ago

looks good to me. don't like it.....head to ebay.

me, i'm waiting for another price drop for my second PS3, then i'm sending it to Colorware. might even get the same color.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3805d ago

trying 2 show off his new ps3 without saying NA NA NU BOO BOO LOOK WHAT I GOT AND YOU DON'T!!!! He knows that thing is tight! if not head over to e-bay with that beast and see what happens!

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Condoleezza Rice3805d ago

I would pay a lot of money for that(If I had a lot of money lol)

fishd3805d ago

Any thing with MGS4 in it,worth the money,BUY IT!ASAP!

Wise Rant Monkey3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

<It was never supposed to be metal in any way. They just mentioned the colour would be gunmetal-grey.)

jonnyjd13805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I agree. From the beginning, it was gunmetal-gray which is a color, not made of metal that is gray. I think this is a bad interpretation on Crazyglues' part.

On a side note, MGS4 kicks ass. Great game.

...end of line...

beavis4play3805d ago

i hope this guy isn't serious, because that would mean he isn't very bright.

the_pitt3805d ago

unlike the 360 halo edition that didnt even include the game, how do you make a console a game edition without packing the game it inspired

KingME3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

It's amazing how you couldn't resist dragging the 360 into your little conversation. To make something an edition based on a game doesn't mean that the game has to be bundled. It's the theme that makes the console that particular edition. So, should the harley davision pickup truck come with a free harley in the back?

Please read beavis4play's comment above (4) and apply it where necessary.

Additionally, I do believe that he's kidding, he couldn't have possible thought that this console would have been made of actual gun metal. It it was, it would be heavy as hell and hold heat like a stove. Although I think it would be cool if it has come type of texture to the painted surface instead of being smooth.

I couldn't find any pictures when I looked, I wonder why the thread has been locked. Kinda strange.

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The story is too old to be commented.