Hellraid gameplay trailer shows off 20 minutes of monster mashing

I will maintain until the day they pry the mouse from my cold, dead hand that Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a criminally underrated game. So I was naturally intrigued by Hellraid, which by all appearances shares many similarities with Dark Messiah: Specifically, the bloody, fast-paced combat through expansive, RPG-style dungeons. But it's most definitely not, as this gameplay trailer makes clear, an RPG: Visual trappings notwithstanding, it's all about thefaux-medieval fantasy face-busting.
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Akira20203076d ago

The Russian, he's grown since Jerry McGuire.

JackOfAllBlades3076d ago

Monster mash? Like the song??

getrektedmate3076d ago

It's like skyrim! Getting it day 1! Too bad it will be digital download only :(

anwe3076d ago

Whats up with the fish eyed game footage. No way I could play this as I got motion sickness just watching it.

Eldyraen3076d ago

High fov which some people enjoy--I'm with you though as I don't care for it after a certain point. Most any game with high fov though has a slider so I am not 'too' worried.

AgentSmithPS43076d ago

I hate that, I call it "alien fov".

xTheMercenary_3076d ago

Game looks great graphically, just a few things i dont like is the combat, it just doesnt look right in the players view and needs a bit more work and also the way enemies fight which also needs more work for example i noticed how a few enemies swung there swords at the player even though he was 5 metres away from them. Other than that the game is perfectly fine.

Eldyraen3076d ago

For one it has too high of a fov imo but then I don't like high fov to begin with.

It can be kind of cool every now and again but I find higher fov distracting and exaggerated more often than nought so allowing fov slider is best.

xTheMercenary_3076d ago

There usually is an option in setting in order to reduce the fov if i'm correct?

Skate-AK3076d ago

FOV settings in PC version. Probably not the others.

Eldyraen3076d ago

It is actually based on an in house 'mod' created by a Dead Island developer that was just playing around with their engine after the game released.

The team liked it enough to back it into an actual game. Granted there are a lot of similarities with Elder Scrolls games but that isn't a bad thing imo.

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