Street Figher IV inspired by New Super Mario Bros.

"When we heard during development that Shigeru Miyamoto was making a new DS version of Super Mario Bros., we were really happy that our vision [for Street Fighter IV] and [Shigeru Miyamoto's] vision were the same. [Lost Planet and Dead Rising producer] Keiji Inafune said to me, 'If you're doing the same thing as the giants of gaming, surely it's bound to go well?'" - Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono

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Silogon3779d ago

Super mario Galaxy - Inspired by Ratchet & clank going commando. Check out the sphers your run around on in the hidden insomniac muesum in R&Cgc. Check out the large planets that you travel around on in an eliptical pattern.

Anyone who's got to the 4th planet on Ratchet & Clank knows full well where the idea came from for Super Mario Galaxy.

Just saying is all. Wanna disagree? Play R&CGC 1st and only then can you know the full impact of what I'm saying. The bad in all this, no one wants to go back and play it cause they'll be butt hurt when the truth shatters the Nintendo castle.