5 Companies That Should Buy Capcom

Bagogames takes a look at what companies should buy Capcom now that it is on the market. And what those potential companies could do with their long standing franchises.

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Ajoyshop2495d ago

Anything that could improve the games. Bring them back to their previous grandeur. I'm hopeful that the new Silent Hill game will send a message to Capcom that they too could make a good Resident Evil game again.

jokerman272495d ago

There's hope with RE: Revelations 2 if that is a solid rumor!

DarkOcelet2495d ago

I hope capcom pick up the pace again this gen . I want from them dragons dogma 2 , dino crisis reboot , resident evil reboot , a god damn mega man game , onimusha 5 , breath of fire reboot , monster hunter for home consoles , devil may cry 5 , lost planet 4 with lost planet 2 hard challenges , just better stories and more epic setpieces , Okami 2 .I dont know wtf they are doing when they are clearly sitting in a gold mine waiting to be digged .

Cueil2495d ago

Remedy working on a Resident Evil or Dino Crisis title would be a dream come true... it's to bad it'll never happen

jokerman272495d ago

Remedy needs to work on Alan Wake 2! ;)

XtraTrstrL2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

The problem is the higher ups have too much control at Crapcom. The devs are still good, they just don't have any type of creative freedom at all, except slightly with Street Fighter. It's the higher ups constantly forcing the idea of broadening the audience for every freaking genre of franchises they have. They take it too far with this idea until they completely change the genre of said franchise.

It's all in the name of the short-term greed, rather than be smart and do it right and make more money in the long run. They can't see things in the long-term, only short-term $$$, so they make little-to-nothing each time on the franchises that they've completely ruined now. They have to back off a bit, and let the devs get these franchises back on track, they just can't help themselves though - and never learn from the past.

jokerman272495d ago

Deep Down is suppose to be a spiritual successor to Dragon's Dogma, but more in the vein of Dark Souls

Cueil2495d ago

I want Dragon's Dogma 2... that game has so much potential it's crazy they just missed hitting it out of the park on that one. I would look to partner up with Microsoft or Nintendo to get the kind of support needed to make the game the way it truly should be made

Tiqila2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I think for Nintendo it would make the most sense. They have awesome games and a lot of exclusives for sure, but are missing out on the more mature gaming experience. Also an exclusive Mega Man Reboot would make many people happy and we all know that in Nintendo's hands it will be awesome.

jokerman272494d ago

Yeah, the Mario team on a Mega Man game would be great and then we would finally get Mega Man Legends 3!

ExiledBlitz2494d ago

Nintendo makes the most sense to me. Resident Evil 4 and Revelations both had their debut on Nintendo consoles. Megaman needs to go back to its platforming roots (and who else does 3D platformers as consistently and as well as Nintendo?) And something like Dragon's Dogma wouldn't seem out of place next to games like Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Being purchased by Sony, 2K or Deep Silver doesn't seem bad either. I just don't see those partnerships changing or improving the way Capcom has been making games recently.

But for the love of God, not Mircrosoft or Blizzard. I'm still a little sore over Microsoft's treatment of Rare and Bungie. As for Blizzard, I just don't see any kind of artistic connection between the two.