What Will Become of Twitch After Amazon's 1 Billion Acquisition

Its unbelievable to think that only after 3 years of Twitch being around, the company has now been sold for a whopping one billion dollars. As CEO Emmett Shear and staff celebrate their new deal. Twitch Streamers who have come to rely on the broadcasting network as part of their income stream maybe wandering what the future now holds for them under the Amazon Banner.

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Frankskint2495d ago

Well for what its worth I am glad they didn't end up selling to google.

ramiuk12495d ago

the quality of the streams is terrible imo.
ruined E3 and ruined Gamescon.

alvinmiller922495d ago

Google own way too many things glad it went to amazon. I can definitely see amazon competing in future besides Sony, MS and Nintendo.

joab7772495d ago

This is huge for Amazon. I am surprised that Google didn't get it w/ all the benefits it could have provided. Maybe they look at it like everyone can already access and use it on their devices anyway.

It is the future, even more so than youtube. Kinda crazy if you think about it...but it's exponential growth is insane.

EdnaJones972495d ago

This is great news for the company. Damn who would have ever known in 3 years a business you create can be sold for a billion. Any one who thinks this will just be a platform to promote amazon stuff is mistaken. Amazon Fire TV and controller is a prime example of that.

brettjones4942495d ago

It was under a billion just shy of 970million. Not bad for 3 years worth of way ay.

lisamorgan42495d ago

Really not bad at all. I don't see why everyone was glad its not google. Whats so bad about google?

admiralvic2495d ago

@ LisaMorgan

While I can't speak for everyone, I think a lot of people expected Twitch to become another version of YouTube, which has gotten significantly worse over the years. Ignoring all the personal crap that I don't like, Google is very keen on the rights of copyright holders and not most of the users.

One of the most annoying changes in the history of YT is the automatic copyright violation system. Imagine you're me and this happens to you (note, this is a real story). You get a niche game and want to share it with the world. You upload the first 40 minutes of the game so everyone can check it out. After uploading this huge file (approximately 1+ GB), Google notices the opening theme song is done by a popular Japanese idol and your WHOLE VIDEO video is muted because 1 or 2 minutes of the video contain a song you weren't suppose to use. You can either accept it or edit or the opening and hope it doesn't happen again or have your users see this crappy video.

Another common annoyance people have is companies profiting off your free marketing. This is why so many people were pissed at Nintendo, since they were profiting off the videos people uploaded of Nintendo games.

There are some shades of grey, but I assume most people didn't want to see Twitch go the same way as YouTube.

SpiralTear2495d ago

I predict some kind of integration with the Amazon Prime service.

amyortega1312495d ago

Yep, this actually makes a lot of sense after reading the article and seeing all the other companies amazon also owns.

ricochetmg2495d ago

I predict they are buying Xbox.

edwardhuff6632495d ago

google ruined youtube. glad they didn't get twitch.

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The story is too old to be commented.