Rumor - Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U leaks came from within NoA

The person linked to today's Smash 4 leaks has been found by Nintendo according to rumors.

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-Foxtrot2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I'm guessing these leaks were the rest of the unlockable characters or do you think he might of missed a surprise or two.

Find it funny though with all the secrecy with the line up yet for Mario Kart 8 they told us everything about it before it came out.

I really think we should be left to find out unlockable stuff for ourselves

LOL_WUT2495d ago

I think suing him was a little extreme on Nintendo's part either way we finally have a better insight on the whole roster ;)

Metallox2495d ago

Publishing private information of an unreleased product gives Nintendo the total right of suing the guy.

crusf2495d ago

Everything is Nintendo's fault in your eyes LOL_WUT. We've come to accept that now ;)

DynDasE2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

This is exactly the first thing that came up in my mind.

Someone is going to get sued lol
Code of conduct / Ethics are violated.

P.S. What good would a gamer developer / crew if the information is leaked to the public all the time ?

ShinMaster2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Nintendo is a little extreme. Remember the whole YouTube thing?

Fired AND sued for a f---ng roster leak?

Metallox2495d ago

@ShinMaster Complain about law in this case, not Nintendo.

Ck1x2495d ago

He worked at Nintendo and probably had a confidentiality agreement in his contract if you knew how these corporation operate! Sony and Microsoft would have done the same thing with one of their high profile games.

lilbroRx2495d ago

I have this strong feeling that you would not be saying the same had this been done to and by Sony.

Baka-akaB2495d ago

WTF are you talking about , any publisher will fire you for that

megajon2495d ago

The guy probably signed a confidentiality agreement when working on Smash Bros. A lot of companies have you sign those when you are hired and it says right on the paper that you can be sued if you break the agreement.

Kurylo3d2495d ago

Curious. What do they sue him for? damages? I mean its not like nintendo can prove they lost any money by some leaked characters lol. I mean im no lawyer, but even if he did sign a confidentiality agreement... those agreements are typically for information that can be stolen and used against u by a competitor. Nintendo cant claim that that happens to them.

Chrischi19882494d ago

But it has an effect on the marketing. This is probably Wii Us biggest release and it should be the decision of Nintendo, when to give what information. You for sure cannot say, that they did not lose any money on this, as it could harm the hype around a game and we all know, how big hype can be.

ShinMaster2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

@ lilbroRx

Oh would you please shut up and stop being such a fanboy.
PS All-Stars roster was leaked multiple times. Sony didn't sue anyone.

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admiralvic2495d ago

"Find it funny though with all the secrecy with the line up yet for Mario Kart 8 they told us everything about it before it came out. "

Why? Alternate characters in Mario Kart are largely cosmetic and aren't that big of a deal. The opposite is true for Super Smash Bros and fighting games in general, since every character has a lot of personality, flare and adds something different to the game. There is also a lot to show off, since I could see Duck Hunt Dog having a really abstract move set, where as no one needs to see how Bowser rides a motorcycle / kart in Mario Kart. For that game the levels are most of the draw, but Nintendo probably figured they couldn't get as much substance / interest out of revealing each track 1 by 1 in the same way a new fighter being revealed for SSB would get.


I couldn't disagree more. Nintendo needs to make an example out of this person to show that they will not put up with this behavior.

Big_Game_Hunters2495d ago

The leaker said he didn't unlock everything yet.

arkard2495d ago

@shinmaster this guy signed confidentiality agreements. He was in the wrong for leaking information. If Nintendo doesn't go after him it sets a precedent for other people to leak info and not fear any repercussions.

Xb1ps42495d ago

I'm glad he got cought and made an example of if true... It's because of leaks that everyone always says "we already knew that" it's like some gamers just ruin the whole surprise effect then go on to right a blog on how the show wasn't good because the person knew all about it..

Wouldn't it be much better to buy the game if you intend to and unlock the characters your selves and get a nice little surprise instead of going into knowing everything about the game?

Kurylo3d2495d ago

curious, why are u glad? Your glad someones going to be ruined financially and career wise... because he told you donkey kong is in the game?

You need to examine your morals my friend lol.... God for bid someone actually does somethign that can hurt anything. Whats the penalty then? lol

Xb1ps42494d ago

He ruined his financials him self.. If things are going as far as getting fired and or sued I'm positive he was told the rules and guidelines of his job, just like any job..

I don't need to examine my morals, I had nothing to do with this at all and wouldn't of had leaked that donkey kong is the secret character if I wasn't supposed to.. If you was to actually physically hurt someone that has its own consequence and penalty.

And what if Nintendo had some special promo planned or something that is now ruined all because the guy couldn't follow the rules of his job.

Kurylo3d2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

yes but you personally are hoping that he loses everything. As though it somehow influences you. It does not influence you. You want someone to be hurt over something that does not hurt anyone. Games still going to be released. And people are still going to buy it. So again... why would you wish this on him? You personally. I understand why some nintendo exec wants to make an example out of him or even get revenge on him. But i dont understand your anger towards him personally. Your personal anger. Maybe your life is so bad that you take joy out of other peoples misery. So that there.. is something you need to examine lol.

The 10th Rider2494d ago

Well, if he signed a NDA then suing him would be just.

I mean, this is a more extreme example, but you don't let a murderer off easy just because they have a family and without him they'll have no income.

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N4g_null2494d ago

The only way you can talk about any of this stuff is when someone guesses right or it sometime is public knowledge. You better believe if I'm talking about stuff it is public knowledge lol or a darn good guess!

The nda are standard. If you know the info you can not be the first to tell it. You really have to read these documents.

You have to ask your self as gamers are you to desperate.

3-4-52494d ago

The Japanese are too Honorable to have leaked these.

They don't always think about themselves first like a lot of us North American's do.

It makes sense that a leak would come from NA, just look at our selfie culture and gossiping about everybody's business all the time.

Ravenor2494d ago

Generalizing is the shit, oh wait lemme take another Selfie.

3-4-52494d ago

o 'cmon you know I didn't mean EVERYONE.

get real.

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Qrphe2495d ago

Not fast enough apparently

DarkBlood2495d ago

They supply the salary to this employe how exactly is firing him (understandable) and then sueing him for money going to work when they just took away the means to do so?

mafiahajeri2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Pretty sure he signed an nda with a termination clause incase of leaks that in turn gives nintendo the right to seek legal action after he gets fired, so double whammy for the guy...

Off course this is an assumption because I hardly know anything about law, especially when it comes to video game breaches in contract...

Long story short this guy probably isn't going to get a job in the video game business...

lashes2ashes2495d ago

You do know people that don't have money get sued all the time. He will have to pay the lawsuit when ever he has the money.

MegaRay2495d ago

I know i shouldnt laugh but HAHA i love this news.
I hate leaks and people who leak stuff. It ruin the surprises of a game and damage sales

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2495d ago

I don't think it is funny.

I hate when people do this too.

I hope he/she learns from this (and recovers).
I don't even get why they thought leaking was worth doing. A job vs. 15 Seconds of fame.

Jihaad_cpt2495d ago

Not entirely sure how it will damage sales though. It does suck for those who wanted the whole surprise thing but it's easy enough to stay away from the articles

admiralvic2495d ago

"Not entirely sure how it will damage sales though."

Depends what is leaked and how. In this case it shouldn't damage sales, but other times, such as the data mining of Destiny, it might. If you missed that one, someone found the name of the other planets, revealed a number (possibly all) the story stages, plus the strikes / raid and revealed a number of other things. Since a lot of people weren't thrilled with some of this information (like there only being 1 raid), it forced Bungie to basically show their hand and add some context to a number of findings.

"it's easy enough to stay away from the articles"

Actually, it's pretty hard unless you do a full online black out. Since this is about SSB, actually take a look at SSB. Around E3 2013 ( ), Gematsu was apparently tipped off that 6 characters were going to be added to Super Smash Bros, though only 3 of them were announced at E3. Since the leak seemed somewhat accurate I guess they decided to post it and other characters like Little Mac / Pacman / the Mii were revealed. While it didn't happen for another year, you can bet your bottom that many people who were aware of the leak mentioned it in topics or discussions, especially when Little Mac was announced sometime after.

Clogmaster2495d ago

Reading some of the comments about people defending the leaker makes me wonder if some of people on this site have ever been employed.

Sashamaz2495d ago

I don't think it's a question of whether or not they have ever been employed but rather have they even received elementary education. It's common sense to understand why Nintendo fired and sued the employee.