The Crew Will Support 5760*1080 Resolutions On PC, Targets 30FPS, Hard-Lock Via XML At 60FPS

The second closed beta phase of The Crew is currently under way and some new information about the PC version of the game has surfaced.

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vishmarx2486d ago

that made absolutely no sense to me.
wth is 5760 ? 5 times horizontal pixels? what kinda monitor would that need to diplay without compression?

also targets 30fps but is hard locked at 60? head hurts

2486d ago
SirDjss2485d ago

Its a multi monitor setup with 3x 1080p monitors combined into one.

Volkama2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

As others have said, 3 screens.

The frame rates, it targets 30fps which means that is the frame rate they recommend for play (ie crank up all your settings so long as you can hold this framerate). However, the discerning gamer can choose to go for a full 60fps experience if they have the hardware for it. Whether you can cap it higher than that (or uncap it) I do not know.

As for your head, I recommend drinking a good amount of water.

3-4-52485d ago

I think it's for Driving simulators that have the 3 huge screens side by side by side.

maybe not though.

Boody-Bandit2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

3 screens is so yesterday.

I just added a 4th today. Football season is about to start and I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

It's not just for racing sims. I use my triple panels {5760x1080} for most PC games. I'm playing the Witcher 2 right now and it looks incredible. So much more immersive. The only genre that doesn't work well on 3 screens is fighters. Nearly anything else adds to the experience.

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annus2486d ago

Capping at 60FPS is truly crap, and default of 30FPS is even more WTF. Why isn't this a setting in game? Why limit us to 60FPS if we have rigs that can go higher? I don't understand the logic at all.

lets_go_gunners2486d ago

"We will do better by Pc gamers"

tee_bag2422486d ago

I know I know. But apparently some console fanboys disagree with your idea of freedom of

drokk2486d ago

Don't worry, pretty sure it will get uncapped quickly, won't take long for someone to do it. Unless they pull a nfs and lock EVERYTHING to the framerate.

Ingram2486d ago

oh god, the three monitor guy makes a forum thread in 3,2,1...

OldDude2486d ago

Proving that consoles are good values and entertaining. If you want resolution and graphics, well...

Bodge2486d ago

More like proving that consoles will continue to fuck over the more powerful platform.

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