GameStop Accepts #IceBucketChallenge from Microsoft; Michael Pachter Has Now Been Challenged

Louis of RGN writes, "After giving thanks to Microsoft for nominating GameStop for the Ice Bucket Challenge, Michael K. Mauler (EVP of GameStop) had a bucket of ice water dumped on him then proceeded to challenge Michael Pachter as well as ebGames Australia and Activision."

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-Foxtrot2495d ago

If Michael Pachter does it he'll melt...

bouzebbal2495d ago

this thing is the worst thing i have ever heard or seen. Some people can be so braindead.... they want to support something then give money to help the research go further.

Sitdown2495d ago

People are giving money..... and people dumping water on their heads doesn't necessarily have an effect on the support in Africa.

dcbronco2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


I'm not sure how you could have a problem with this. First, these people taking the challenge are also donating the amount of money given as an alternative. Second, I will guarantee you this has been one of the most successful campaigns in ALS history. It has been on the net for over a week and I will bet you it has brought them money from everyday citizens as well. On top of that it is extremely cost effective. They have raised far more than they could have with traditional canvassing and mailing efforts. I don't understand people's need to knock everything these days. Especially when it's something that does zero harm and a ton of good.

As for your link, are you implying that the water is being wasted? Funny thing about how this planet works. That water poured over someone's head dries up. It evaporates. It then rises in the air and eventually comes back down as rain. Kinda doing the whole challenge over again with a much larger group. Americans do waste a lot. But this isn't one of the ways we do. Plus if that is tap water who the hell would drink that. I live in D.C., you can't trust the tap water here.

Darth Gamer2494d ago

@ abzdiine

Whether or not you dump water on your head is irrelavent. You are supposed to donate for the cause regardless. The dumping of the water, even though it is completely stupid, had gained so much attention that this is the biggest money raiser for the ALS research campaign ever. I think I read that last year, they raised just over $40,000. Last time I checked, this year they had reached over $65,500,000. That is pretty amazing. I have donated and did the damn ice bucket challenge twice.

Golden_Mud2495d ago

I thought Regie accepted the challenge ?

scark922495d ago

His body is not ready.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2495d ago

Pachter isn't a Microsoft employee.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2495d ago

I did, the title is still grammatically incorrect.

DarkBlood2494d ago

Well im not sure how you got that way but I read it has gamestop challenging microsoft and then microsoft now nominated patcher.

I didnt get confused which is why I personally thought it was weird when I read your comment no offense

Drithe2495d ago

This whole damn water thing is stupid. Just pay the 100 bucks and tell these lemmings to drown.

iNFAMOUZ12495d ago

this is getting stupid, even my family and friends on facebook are all doing it, so dumb

URNightmare2495d ago


The good thing is, a new and exciting challenge is getting steam....

iamnsuperman2495d ago

I agree and what is worse no one is these video are really explaining why they are doing it. I am not sure they know much outside of the social challenge and doing something that is popular. I really don't get it. Rise money for it is good but at least acknowledge the cause in a meaningful way.

bouzebbal2495d ago

thank you, i didn't know wise people existed nowadays.
haven't seen your post before i posted mine on top of the thread.
this is ridiculous.. same with movember. don't know if anyone heard of that shit.

iamnsuperman2495d ago


Oh god Movember. That month when everyone either looks like an old detective/army officer or a pedophile (depending on if they can grow a mustache or not). That is another cause that has gone into obscurity because the reason has been overtaken by people just doing it.

Grap2495d ago

I guess every month for me is Movember. I ain't no homo shaving my mustache.

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