I Guess Third-Parties were not Invited to Mario’s Party

8BitChimp says, "If Mario had so many parties, where are the third-parties? Nintendo, what are you doing? The Wii U has a lot of potential to do better than it is now, but that is just not possible with a lack of third-party support."

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miyamoto2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Nintendo is the Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge of gaming.

Nintendo: "Why need third parties when first parties can generate pure income and revenue for us more than them?"
Nintendo: "Third party developers and publishers can only make three games a year on the Nintendo Famicom and can not make any other games on competing platforms while still on contract."

Sony Computer Entertainment is the Neil Young of gaming.

Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers:
"There's a rare contradiction in Neil Young's work. He works so hard as a songwriter, and he's written a phenomenal number of perfect songs. And, at the same time, he doesn't give a fuck. That comes from caring about essence. There can be things out of tune and all wild-sounding and not recorded meticulously. And he doesn't care. He's made whole albums that aren't great, and instead of going back to a formula that he knows works, he would rather represent where he is at the time. That's what's so awesome: watching his career wax and wane according to the truth of his character at the moment. It's never phony. It's always real. The truth is not always perfect."

Sony CE: "Microsoft and Nintendo can get all the great 3rd party IPs that became wildly popular on the PlayStation like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Tenchu, Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, Tekken, Bloody Roar, Tony Hawk, Dino Crisis, etc etc and we frankly my dear we don't give a damn.

We will carve out our own success story with or without you."

Noahmtodd2485d ago

Haha that's an awesome comment. Props to you.

MSBAUSTX2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

That was a great comment, but how exactly does it relate to Mario Party or the lack of third party characters in that game. You rambled about an artist that 75 percent of the gamers today probably do not even know. If you want people to understand your points then talk to them in illustrations or metaphores they understand. Use an instance that directly relates to the issue of the article. I mean Nintendo is making a Nintendo game. I didnt see sony try to include Mario in Little Big Planet. So are you basically saying that Sony is just as greedy with their IPs? I mean why does a company have to include people and or characters from games that are refusing to properly and fairly support their console? If thats right, they dont. The first five games I owned for my Wii U after launch were 3rd party. The graphics were better than their PS3 and 360 brothers but compared to the DLC and debug efforts given other consoles versus Wii u, I felt let down and betrayed. Also Third parties do not advertise their titles are coming to Wii U. Only one ever advertised was Zombi U and it actually sold decently and was a great game. Everything else is advertised as Xbox One and PS4 and then a month or two later it just pops up on Wii u. So Nintendo does their part to get third party support and when those third parties make crap ports it is Nintendo's fault? When Nintendo makes a game that is a party game with only Nintendo characters, somehow Nintendo is a Scrooge? I really hope you see the hypocrisy in that line of thinking my friend. Nintendo tried, Ubersoft and Antivision let them down. In doing so those third parties let Wii U owners down. Nintendo is just doing their best to make games to either sell their system or keep current owners playing it. Nobody else is putting forth the proper effort. If you want something done right, do it yourself. If that means they are not a stupid over hyped Niel young that Flea from the Chilipeppers, who had one hit album and cant even play their own instruments durring the super bowl, thinks is great, then so be it. I will go with the scrooge if he delivers every time instead the nut job niel young who released crap after crap and yet people bought it because it was popular.


wonderfulmonkeyman2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Good post, but for the love of Hyrule, please edit in some paragraphs.
No one likes reading an unbroken text wall...

MSBAUSTX2485d ago

Sorry about the lack of paragraphs. I get to typing fast when i get emotional about a subject and forego the use of paragraphs. My bad man.

wonderfulmonkeyman2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I hate double posts caused by lag...
Anyways, I'll be buying more third parties on Wii U when there are more third party games that have equal content support.
Not before.

wonderfulmonkeyman2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

The biggest issue with Nintendo's third party support is that Nintendo is actually allowing third parties to put out watered-down ports instead of ports with parity in content support.

Nintendo isn't insisting that third parties do better, and that's doing more harm than good to the console by making it look like the only console where ports are intentionally made to be piss-poor copies of their alternate-system cousins.

Without parity in content, it doesn't matter how powerful the next Nintendo system is.
No one is going to support ports on Nintendo systems as long as third parties continue to treat Nintendo ports like trash.
The gamers don't care what the reasons third parties have for these mistakes are; all gamers care about is getting a game that doesn't get its content stripped compared to other versions of said game.
And since it's the Wii U's gamers that these third parties are complaining about, it's THEM, not Nintendo or the already-established fans of third parties that are on other systems, that they need to convince to buy their ports.

Nintendo could advertise night and day for third party ports on their system.
They could run campaigns and money-hat gaming retailers to show demo units that ONLY highlight third party games on Nintendo systems.

They could do all that and so much more, and not a single bit of it would sway Nintendo gamers to get those ports.

Not so long as the other versions of those ports have more content and better support from their creators overall.

If there's any truth to the statement "Nintendo gamers only support Nintendo games", then it's because the games outside of Nintendo's games, on the Wii U, have not proven worth supporting.

Wii U gamers would rather get a PS4 or XBone to supplement their third party needs, and keep on gaming with exclusives on Nintendo systems.

If third parties want that to change, then THIRD PARTIES need to be the ones to change how they approach the system.

There's no roundabouts or excuses here. No alternatives or reasons that would convince anyone that it's okay to skip content on ports or show less support for them.

Third parties have no other options than these:

Either third parties do better on their ports as a majority, or they will not get sales from their ports and will have to switch to exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and collaborative titles like Hyrule Warriors.

If neither of those are good enough for third parties, then they should abandon the system and let more competent developers make games for the system.
Developers that know how to cater to a different kind of fan base and create games of high enough quality to draw the interest of a crowd that has been spurned by bad ports once too often.

MSBAUSTX2485d ago

I completely agree with you brother. Only great third party game I have played on wii U was Zombi U, oh and Deus Ex Directors Cut from Square Enix. That game was fun. But Zombi U was exclusive, and fantastic. All others on Wii U may have had better graphics than PS3 and 360 but the amount of love shown to the other console versions and next gen versions is staggering compared to Wii U. Also i see advertisements for games that release on ALL three next gen systems but they only state PS4 and XB1. They never advertise their own game on Wii U. I dont understand that. Nintendo make quality so they should stand up against BS ports that are unsupported on their system. I actually think that is why Ubisoft has lashed out at Nintendo so much lately. It is because nintendo did say something to them and they got butt hurt because they feel entitled. Now they look foolish because they claim there is not enough of an install base yet Wii U has over 2 Million more units sold than XB1. Yet Ubi makes games for that system. The hypocrisy and contradictions are piling up. Nintendo has decided to just say "screw it, we tried with these third party clowns and they screwed our customers. Let's just make our own kick ass games like we usually do and they can kiss our ass." To that I say "yeah!". And thankfully we will have Hyrule warriors, smash bros 3DS and U, Bayonetta 1/2, Devils Third, Captain Toad, Yoshis Wooly World, Splatoon, Kirby, X Chronicles, and possibly a new Star fox, Metroid, and definitely a new open world Zelda for the U. That isnt including announcments at next years E3. I do not want to leave out Project Cars though. They seem to be putting love in to the Wii U version. But for the majority, I feel the way Nintendo does. Screw it they can kiss our ass. We will do it ourselves.


ABizzel12484d ago

Not true at all there are many games that were better on Wii U, and had more content and exclusive modes. You guys just have to look.

Serious question who all in here are Nintendo only gamers?

TongkatAli2484d ago

All those games sold horribly on the Wii U, you think people even knew they were bad ports, people just go into a store see a famous name and buy the game.

Nintendo fans don't buy third party, it's very simple and clear to see.

KimikoGaming2485d ago

Mario's third party is for the Nintendo 64...

Muzikguy2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I enjoy that party with Princess and Daisy too

@wonderful I'm not sure about that game but it had a lot that I thought were fun

wonderfulmonkeyman2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

@ Kimiko
Mario Party 3, eh?
To be honest, I only really remember the second one...
I think the fire jump rope challenge in that cavern area traumatized me as a kid.
All that jumping...for hours....

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