Who Should Portray Joel in The Last of Us Film?

With The Last of Us film now confirmed and releasing sometime in the future, who should take on the role of main character Joel?

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DarkOcelet2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Hugh Jackman . Viggo Mortensen would be awesome too but it would be too similar to the road which is particularly not a bad thing but just similar and Hugh in Prisoners was just amazing , that scene in the bathroom with the hammer was really well done and shows he can do alot more than just the awesome wolverine , his acting skills was top notch in that movie . Joel Edgerton would be amazing too , Warrior was epic. Too many awesome choices , lets hope one of these actually get the part .

DarkOcelet2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Or Gerard Butler or Liam Neeson ... Josh Brolin could be David :) but that would be hard because david will only be there for a couple of scenes so its hard to get such a high profile actor like him for a few scenes . Mads mikkelsen would nail the role , that guy is so underrated . Matthew mcconaughey would be awesome too .

the_mack_attack32489d ago

I think Jackman is the best option, but he would probably have to lose a bit of muscle to really go fully Joel! It's so important to get this right I'm actually nervous, I love The Last of Us and want a film I can watch over and over again and give me the same emotional attachment the game gave me.

BiggerBoss2489d ago

Either Jackman or Brolin would be fine with me, but Prisoners shows Jackman could kill this role. Brolin definitely looks a lot like Joel in the face though IMO

HanzoHattori2489d ago

Gerard Butler, Josh Brolin is definitely a very good choice.

Dee_912489d ago

Morgan Freeman as Joel
Morgan Freeman as Ellie
Morgan Freeman as Sarah
Morgan Freeman as Tess
Morgan Freeman as Voice over.
This or I am 100% against the movie

Sharky2312489d ago

Josh brolin all the way!!!

andibandit2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I've said it before and i'll say it again:
Michael Cera as Joel

Otherwise another good candidate is Dennis Rodman, his acting skill have been very underappreciated.

ntkennedy2489d ago

@morganfell sorry, accidental disagree while trying to click link!

Conzul2489d ago

Yeah I agree Mikkelsen would be phenomenal as David...


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-Foxtrot2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Hugh's an obvious choice

If you've seen Prisoners you'll know why

He looks like Joel

He's a good actor

He certainly had Joel like qualities in Prisoners

He's a the best choice for them to go with, especially with Hugh Jackman having so much starpower to give the film good advertising.

Josh Brolin would be the second choice though

WitWolfy2489d ago

Loved Prisoners, Jackman at his best!

brightlight2489d ago

Hugh Jackman would be awesome, he's got the look!

badz1492489d ago

just for the sake of it - Antonio Banderas!

hey, it's like returning the favor for this


Lionsguard2489d ago

Gerard Butler all the way, he just seems like he'd be a bit more of an "every-man" whose been through some ish.

Aquariusgamer2489d ago

i have always thought that joe manganiello would be a great fit for joel. he looks and sounds just like him.

bjjcna2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Denzel Washington, think book of Eli meets man on fire.

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porkChop2489d ago

Josh Brolin has the right look, the right voice, and he's a pretty decent actor. Even Troy Baker wants Brolin to play Joel in the movie.

the_mack_attack32489d ago

It' a darn pity Troy Baker isn't a doppleganger for Joel, he preformed well on The Last of Us: One night live!

incendy352489d ago

Yep, to me Josh is the only perfect choice. Others could play him, but Josh is pretty much Joel.

BitbyDeath2489d ago

Dylan McDermott has my vote.

LOGICWINS2489d ago

Very underrated actor. Enjoyed him very much in American Horror Story.

averagejoe262489d ago

He looks perfect for the role

the_mack_attack32489d ago

I agree he has the facial hair down to a tee!

rivencleft2489d ago

He was the actor I kept thinking of for the longest time for this role, was about to post it until I read yours, good choice!

OUROSMAG2489d ago

I actually mocked up who I think should play everybody... here you go..

Chevalier2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Apparently Maisie Williams is already being courted for Ellie.

I quite like Josh Brolin for Joel although I think Michael Fassbender could also be a great fit.

incendy352489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Maisie might work as Ellie, having trouble picturing it but there isn't a lot of options for that role. Maybe Chloe Moretz, I don't know.

As for Joel, one other actor I want to throw out there is Russel Crowe. He can play any role. Also I think Emma Watson might be able to play someone younger even if she is older now. She would have been such a perfect Ellie 4 years ago, but maybe could still pull it off.

WitWolfy2489d ago

Love your choice for Tess

sa_nick2489d ago

John Hawkes as David would be awesome.

God I hope Gerard Butler isn't Joel. Has that dude EVER acted well in ANYTHING?

porkChop2489d ago

Those are all very good choices.

BitbyDeath2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Not sure about your picks for Joel or Marlene but the rest look well suited.

Somnipotent2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Legit casting call. Especially David. I approve. +1

BeardedPriest2489d ago

Dude. You killed it with Bron as Robert. I think that actor is great and that character is written well.. but i don't think he matched up with my vision from the book..

Anyway... seriously though.

Hugh Fuckin' Jackman.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2489d ago

Please no Brolin and no Jackman for Joel.
If Wyle can add 20-30 pounds to fit the frame of Joel, I'd say yes, if not, Edgerton would also be a good choice.

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mcarsehat2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Jackman is a good realistic choice, it all goes on whether or not he want to play a Joel like character again.

X-men is draining his time and schedule conflicts are very possible.

Josh Brolin is my choice but i don't think he'll be able to emote the same as Troy Baker.

Now, every time i think about it. Billy Crudup would be my choice.

Joel - Billy Crudup - Henry Cavill maybe?
Ellie - Maisy Williams (Only if she can nail the american accent.) If she can't, Abigail Breslin.
Tommy (Won't be in it but still) - Alexander Skarsgard
Tess - Jennifer Morrison
Bill - Beau Bridges
Sam - Astro (Even though he annoys me.)
Henry - Anthony Mackie
Marlene - Rosario Dawson.
John Hawkes - David