The State of Play In: Australian Game Pricing

"Aussie gamers are getting screwed – plain and simple. You can argue that there has never been a better time to be a gamer, and yet for those in Australia who wish to tip into the incredible culture, the initial investment is so steep that many are put off. In this article we seek to question why retailers in Australia can afford to charge such incredible sums of money to get the same exceptional products that our friends oversees can get, and come to some sort of a conclusion regarding how and why this is happening, and what can be done going forward."

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KiwiViper852489d ago

Agreed. Totally see your point.

But have to say that's a better deal than we get in New Zealand. We have a lower average income than our cuzzies in Australia.

I got my XboxOne at launch for $750.... + Forza 5 LE + AC4 SE @ $120 each. ($109 is normal from EBGames) So I only got $10 Change from my $1000 note.

That's retail tho, games since then have been purchased online. But I didnt trust my new console to be delivered. Totally worth it.